Pyramus and Thisbe notes  Metamorphosis

Pyramus and Thisbe notes


 Pyramus and Thisbe


  1. Who were Pyramus and Thisbe?


They were the lovers who were mentioned in Book IV of Ovid’s Metamorphosis. Pyramus was a Babylonian youth and Thisbe was his beloved.


  1. What did prohibit Pyramus and Thisbe from meeting each other?


The families of true lovers had a strong hatred for each other .so the young lovers were forbidden to meet each other.


  1. How did they maintain their love?


The parents of the true lovers already told them not to meet or talk with each other. Despite the warnings, the lovers used to whisper with each other through a crack in the wall that separated their houses. This is how they maintained their love relation secretly and stealthily.


  1. What did Pyramus and Thisbe decide?


They decided to meet before the tomb of Ninus on a particular day. Most probably, they had taken this decision to fulfill their physical hunger.


  1. Where did Pyramus and Thisbe plan to meet? what tree grew there?


They planned to meet with each other out of the town near the tomb of Ninus where generally the young couple was supposed to meet for lovemaking.


A  White mulberry tree grew over there.


  1. Why did Thisbe run away?


When  Thisbe was eagerly waiting for Pyramus under the mulberry tree, all of a sudden a lioness appeared there. Her mouth was covered with blood from a recent kill. Being frightened she ran away to save her life leaving her veil behind.


  1. What did the lioness do after that?


The lioness started roaring then. she drank water from a stream .when she noticed the veil on the way, she tore it up with her bloody jaws.


  1. Why did Pyramus kill himself?


Pyramus appeared a few minutes later under the mulberry tree. He saw the tattered veil, with the strain of blood, of his beloved. After seeing that horrible sight, he was at the highest point of sadness. He assumed that His lady love was devoured by a wild beast as he saw the lioness go to the jungle. For being late, he considered himself to be responsible for this tragedy. So, out of grief, he took out his sword and ran it through his heart. Thus, he killed himself.


  1. What did Thisbe do reaching the same spot again?


After sometime  Thisbe reached under the mulberry tree again. She noticed the dead body of her lover. Thisbe was completely grief-stricken then. She then stabbed herself with the same sword.


  1. How did mulberry fruit become red?


When Pyramus and Thisbe committed suicide under the mulberry tree, their blood spurted all over the berries and sank to the roots. This is why, the berries which were white before, now are red with the blood of the lovers.


  1. Where have the ashes of Pyramus and Thisbe been kept?


The ashes of Pyramus and Thisbe were kept in a single urn by their parents, wished by Thisbe.


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Pyramus and Thisbe notes





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