Metamorphosis Philomela procne Tereus questions ans answers

Metamorphosis Philomela procne Tereus

  1. Who helped Pandion, the king of Athens, in a war? What did he receive as a reward?

Ans. Pandion, the king of Athens, was caught up in a war with the barbarians when Tereus, the king of Thrace, lead him in the defense.

Pandion gave Tereus his daughter, Procne, in marriage as a reward.

  1. What bad omens were seen during the marriage of Tereus and Procne?

The wedding of Tereus and Procne was a ghastly affair as all the Graces were absent therefrom. Instead of them, the Furies and Eumenides were in attendance —- this was regarded as a bad omen.

  1. Why does Tereus go to fetch Philomela from Athens?

Ans. After their marriage, Tereus and Procne had a child and five years later, when Procne asks her husband to see her sister, Philomela. She should come but she would not be kept longer from her father, according to Procne. so  Tereus goes to fetch Philomela from Athens.

  1. What happened with Philomela after she came to Thrace?

Ans. Upon seeing Philomela in Athens, Tereus was overwhelmed with her beauty. His lust for her was burning inside him. His passion and lust started bubbling throughout the journey from Athens to Thrace. When they finally reached Thrace, under the pretense of visiting Procne, Tereus takes Philomela to a fortress in the woods. There he imprisons her, rapes her, and cuts her tongue off.

Metamorphosis Philomela procne Tereus





Q.1. What deceptive image did Jupiter assume at the beginning of the III rd book?

Ans. The deceptive image that Jupiter took at the beginning of the IIIrd book was

that of a bull.

Q.2. What choice did Agenor give Cadmus?

Ans. Agenor told Cadmus that either he finds Europa or he goes into exile from

his home.

Q.3. Why could Cadmus not find Europa?

Ans. Cadmus could not find Europa because no one can find something that has taken away.

Q.4. Whom did Cadmus consult regarding his settlement?

Ans. Cadmus consulted Apollo’s oracle.

Q.5. Who guided Cadmus’s path?

Ans. A cow that has never been yoked or harnessed to a plough guided the path of Cadmus.

Q.6. What were the name of the city and the name of the place that Cadmus would settle in?

Ans. The name of the city and the name of place where Cadmus would settle was Thebes and Boeotia respectively.

Q.7. What was the name of the cave where Apollo’s oracle lived?

Ans. The name of the cave where Apollo’s oracle lived was Castalian.

Q.8. Describe the chasm after Ovid.

Ans. Amidst the Encino wood, there was a rift which was full of bushes and willow trees and framed by stone and full of springs.

Q.9. Which animal was concealed in the cave? To which God was it sacred?

Ans. A snake was concealed in the cave and it was sacred to Mars.


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