Metamorphosis Philomela procne Tereus questions ans answers

Metamorphosis Philomela procne Tereus

  1. Who helped Pandion, the king of Athens, in a war? What did he receive as a reward?

Ans. Pandion, the king of Athens, was caught up in a war with the barbarians when Tereus, the king of Thrace, lead him in the defense.

Pandion gave Tereus his daughter, Procne, in marriage as a reward.

  1. What bad omens were seen during the marriage of Tereus and Procne?

The wedding of Tereus and Procne was a ghastly affair as all the Graces were absent therefrom. Instead of them, the Furies and Eumenides were in attendance —- this was regarded as a bad omen.

  1. Why does Tereus go to fetch Philomela from Athens?

Ans. After their marriage, Tereus and Procne had a child and five years later, when Procne asks her husband to see her sister, Philomela. She should come but she would not be kept longer from her father, according to Procne. so  Tereus goes to fetch Philomela from Athens.

  1. What happened with Philomela after she came to Thrace?

Ans. Upon seeing Philomela in Athens, Tereus was overwhelmed with her beauty. His lust for her was burning inside him. His passion and lust started bubbling throughout the journey from Athens to Thrace. When they finally reached Thrace, under the pretense of visiting Procne, Tereus takes Philomela to a fortress in the woods. There he imprisons her, rapes her, and cuts her tongue off.


5. How did Procne come to know about the plight of Philomela?
     ‘ Ans. A year later, Philomela has conceived a plan to reveal her plight to her sister, Procne. She then weaves the tale of her plight onto a cloth and gets it delivered to Procne through an old attendant.
6. What did Tereus tell Procne about her sister? 
      Ans. After imprisoning and raping Philomela in a fortress, Tereus went home and told Procne that her sister had died before he arrived in Athens. Procne, anyhow, believed him.
7. Who was Itys? What was his fate ultimately? 
       Ans. Itys was the only son of Tereus and Procne.
         In a frenzied rage, Procne and Philomela murdered Itys and cooked his flesh as food to eat for Tereus, in order to take revenge upon the king.
8. What were the transformations of Procne, Tereus, and Philomela?
        Ans. Procne became a nightingale, Tereus, a hoopoe, and Philomela was transformed into a swallow individually.
9. Give an instance where the story of Philomela has been adapted.
     Ans. In William Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, the story of Lavinia’s rape is drawn from Tereus’s rape of Philomela, a story included in Ovid’s Metamorphoses (Book VI). 
10. Why did Pandion marry Procne off to Tereus?
      Some horrible things occurred at Thebes. Cities from all over Greece sent their condolences except for Athens. That was because Athens was busy fighting with barbarians. But then Thrace came to the rescue. He fought bravely and defeated the barbarians. For this heroism, the king of Athens, Pandion, offered him his daughter Procne for marriage. marriage.
 11. Why did Procne want to get back to her hometown?
 The wedding of Tereus and Procne was doomed from the very beginning. Instead of Juno, Hymen, and Graces, the Furies attended the festivities. The couple soon gave birth to a child called Itys. Five years later, one day, Procne asks her husband if they can go back to her hometown to see her sister Philomela.
12. Comment on the Tereus’ impression of Philomela.
      Requested by Procne, Tereus had sailed to Athens to receive her. Tereus got a warm welcome from his father-in-law, king Pandion. But as soon as Tereus has seen Philomela, his sister-in-law, he got inflamed for making her own. He made his speech to Philomela, inviting her to visit in Thrace. She was also eager to visit her elder sister. Her father granted permission. So, the next day, they sailed off. Before they leave, her father makes Tereus vow to send Philomela back home very soon.
 13. Why did Tereus lie to Procne?
      When they arrive Thrace, Tereus takes Philomela to a hut in the middle of the wood. There, he ties her up and rapes her. Full of anger and shame, Philomela swears that she would tell everyone what Tereus did with her. Out of anger and fear, he cuts out her tongue. Then Tereus goes home and dares to look at the eyes of his wife and tells her that Philomela died on the way. 
14. Why did Philomela weave a tapestry?
      Philomela had been captivated in the wood for a year by Tereus. But she found a loom in her room. she used the loom to weave a tapestry of symbols explaining what had happened to her. She tactfully made a serving woman reach the tapestry to the hands of Procne.
15. What happened during the feast of Bacchus? 
        Procne was stunned at what she understood in the tapestry made by Philomela, and instantly begins plotting of taking revenge. She trusted her patience and waits until the feast of Bacchus rolls around. Putting on the clothes of a worshipper, she started finding out Philomela. Finally, she found her and took her giving also a cloth of worshipper. Then, they sneaked into the palace.
16. How did Procne take revenge against Tereus?
      Procne started thinking what would be the best time for taking revenge upon Tereus. She Pondered over many means of doing it but finally settled down to take her anger out on it Itys. She carried Itys to a distant part of the loft palace. She and Philomela cut him to death with knives. Then procne took what was left Itys inside Kitchen, cooked him, and served him as dinner to Tereus.
 17. What happened to Itys ?
After the dinner, which Tereus enjoyed very much, he asked where his son Itys was. Procne informed him that he was in his stomach. Then Philomela appeared, covered in blood, and threw Itys’s head on Tereus’s face. 
18. Who was Erectheus?
After listening to the news of the rape of Philomela, murder of Itys, the Athenian king, Pandion died before his time and Pandion’s son Erectheus became the new king.
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