Story writing

Story writing for class IX,X,  X/ story writing madhyamik 2021.


Story writing for class IX and X/ story writing madhyamik 2021.

What is story writing?


Story writing is a piece of writing which has a moral lesson presented through some imaginary personified characters.


How to write a story writing:


  1. A title should be given in capital letters at the top of the writing.
  2. Hints should be used orderly one after another.
  3. Students can write one or two  sentences of there own imagination if necessary.
  4. A moral  should be written at the end of the story.
  5. Stories are generally written in past tense but present tense may also be used in sentences of direct speech.


  1. Write a story writing with the help of the following points and add a suitable title:


POINTS : an ant fell into a river – saved by a dove who dropped a leaf from a tree on the bank —-a hunter came aimed to shoot the bird —the ant bit him in his foot —-the hunter missed the target – the dove escaped.




Once an ant lived on the bank of a river. One day it was searching for food. It suddenly slipped into water. It tried to get up but could not. Its life was in danger. A dove lived in a tree on the river bank. The dove saw the ant struggling helplessly. It took pity on the ant . It took a leaf without delay and dropped it down into the water. The ant got on the leaf and saved itself. The next day, the ant was gathering its food there. It saw  a cruel hunter standing nearby. He was aiming at that dove with his gun. When the hunter was about to shoot, the ant bit his foot. The hunter felt pain and missed the target. The dove flew off at once. Thus, the ant finally saved the the life of dove.

Moral: If you do good , one day good will come to you.



  1. Write a story writing with the following points given below:

POINTS : a thirsty crow saw a jar—- only a little water at the bottom—– could not drink water – tried to turn down the jar — in vain –– hit upon a plan –– dropped stones into the jar water rose up – the crow drank his fill—-flew away.




Once a crow became very thirsty. He was in search of water. He did not find water anywhere. After a long time, he found a jar. He flew to it. The crow found to his dismay that there was only a little water at the bottom of the jar. He tried and tried to turn down the jar. His attempts were in vain. “How can I get the water ?” said the crow to himself

. The crow was clever. He made a plan. The crow saw some small stones lying near. He said to himself, “I’ll drop the stones one by one into the jar.” The crow picked the stones up in his beak and dropped them one by one into the jar. The water rose higher and higher. After sometime, the water came up just to the mouth of the jar. The water was in his reach then. He drank it to his heart’s content and flew away from there.

Moral: If you have a strong will power, you must achieve that.


  1. Write a story  with the help of the following points and add a suitable title:


POINTS : a grasshopper – hungry in winter – went to an ant hopping – begged grains of corn – the ant enquired, “What did you do in summer ?” – the reply of the grasshopper, ‘I sang’ – ‘Now dance’ said the ant.




It was winter. A grasshopper was in great problem. He had no food stored. The grasshopper was really hungry. He could not bear  starvation anymore. He had been starving for many days. So, he went to an ant hopping. He said to the ant, “My dear friend, would you kindly give me a few grains of corn ? I’m suffering from starvation.” The ant said, “What did you do in summer ? Didn’t you save something for winter ?” The grasshopper said, “I never thought anything like  that. All the summer I passed my days in singing.” The ant became angry. He said to the grasshopper, “What would you do now ? Now dance all day.” The grasshopper realized the truth. He also realised that he was responsible for his own deed.

Moral: There is always a reward for those who work hard.


5.Write a story with the help of the following points and add a suitable title:

POINTS : a lion’s sleep disturbed by a mouse —-lion caught the mouse and about to kill him – the mouse begged for mercy – lion freed him – lion caught in a trap and roared —-the mouse heard – cut the net into pieces – saved by the mouse.




Once a lion was sleeping in a forest. His sleep was  disturbed by a mouse. The lion woke up angrily. He caught hold of the mouse and was about to kill him. Then, the poor mouse pleaded, “My lord, don’t kill me, please. Someday I’ll repay your kindness.” The lion took pity on the mouse and let him go. After few days, the lion was caught in a hunter’s net. He began to roar loudly in rage. The mouse heard the roar. He ran to the spot. Reaching the spot, the mouse said, “My lord, I’m at your service.” He began to cut the net with his sharp teeth. He cut the net into pieces. Thus, the lion was set free. The lion finally and that he is his  real friend. He was very thankful to him.”

Moral:  Help others selflessly and one day you will get it back.


6.Write a story with the help of the following points and add a suitable title:


POINTS : a wood-cutter cutting wood near a river – axe falls into water

water- he was crying—-god appears with a golden axe – wood-cutter refuses —-god appears with a silver axe – refused by the wood-cutter – god comes with iron axe owned by the wood cutter —-the wood-cutter pleased all the axes given by the god as gift.





One day a wood-cutter was cutting wood by the side of a river. Suddenly his axe slipped from his hands. It fell into the water. The wood-cutter began to cry as it was his only axe. The river-god was moved by his cry. He appeared before him and asked, “Why’re you crying ?” “I’ve lost my axe,” said the wood-cutter. The god appeared with a golden axe and asked, “Is it yours ?” ‘No,’ replied the wood-cutter. The god dipped into the water and came with a silver one. The god said, “Is it your axe ?” The wood-cutter replied, “No,  it isn’t mine”. At last, the rivergod brought his iron-axe. The wood-cutter was pleased to see his axe. He said, “Yes, It’s mine.” The river-god was extremely pleased with the wood-cutter at his honesty. He rewarded the woodcutter with all the axes.

Moral: If you are honest, you must be awarded.


  1. Write a story with the help of the following points and add a suitable title :

POINTS : a cap-seller with a bag of caps for sale — he feels tired —- fell asleep—-awoke —-saw caps gone – monkeys in the tree wearing caps – cap-seller failed to catch them – threw off his own cap in despair – monkeys also threw off – cap-seller got them back.




There was a poor cap-seller. He earned his living by selling caps. He walked from village to village for selling caps. On the eventful day he had a bag of caps with him. He felt tired and sat at the foot of a tree to take  rest. The sailor kept the bag of caps by his side and soon fell asleep. He also had a cap on his head. When he woke up, he saw that the monkeys on the tree were wearing all his caps. He said to himself, “What a strange ! How can I get back the caps ?”

He made many efforts. All his efforts were in vain. Out of despair, he took off his own cap and threw it off. The monkeys at once imitated his gesture. They also threw their caps off in the air. The cap-seller collected all the caps in delight and went away happily.

Moral: Wisdom is mightier than the weapon.


  1. Write a story with the help of the following points and add a suitable title :


Paints: A woman’s son dead-deeply shocked—to Lord Buddha to bring back life—Lord asked her to bring mustard seed where death did not touch—went door to door—failed-back to Buddha-softened the sorrow.




Once upon a time there lived a widow with her only son. She was very poor. One day, her  son died. She was deeply shocked. Maddened by  grief, she ran with her dead son to Lord Buddha and prayed him earnestly to give back life to her only son. Lord Buddha with a gentle smile on his face asked the woman to bring some mustard seed from such a house where no one had ever died. The woman went from door to door searching for such a handful of mustard seeds, but in vain. After a long  search, she came back  Buddha. Buddha did not give her any answer. She found the answer on her own. She realized that death is inevitable.

Moral: Reality is greater than emotion.


  1. Write a story with the help of the following points and add a suitable title :


Points: A crow lived on a tree—a snake lived in a hole of the same tree—the snake ate up the young crows—the crow stole a necklace of the princess-dropped it into the snake’s hole—the king’s men followed the crow and traced the necklace—snake was killed



Once upon a time, there lived a mother crow in a tree. A snake also lived in a hole of the same tree.  One day,  in the absence of the mother crow, the snake ate up all the young crows in her nest. Finding it, the crow became very angry. She planned and stole a necklace of the princess. King’s men started to follow the crow. With the necklace the crow flew to the snake’s hole. In front of the royal men’s eyes, she dropped the necklace inside the hole and flew away. King’s army compelled to kill the snake to get the necklace back. Thus, the mother crow took the revenge.

Moral:Tit for tat.


  1. Write a story with the help of the following points and add a suitable title :

Points: A sailor-lost way in storm-struggling in water—thrown on an island at daybreak-hungry and thirsty—sees coconut trees—unable to climb—finds monkeys on tree tops—throws stones-monkeys imitate—throw coconuts at him-gets both food and drink.




Once upon a time, in  a sea  voyage, a sailor lost his way in storm. He had to struggle a lot in the midst of that turbulent sea. At daybreak, he was thrown on an unknown island. He found none there. The sailor was hungry and thirsty. While searching food, he found a coconut tree full of fruit. He could not climb it. The sailor found some monkeys in the tree. He started throwing stones at them. Monkeys are generally imitative by nature . They also started to throw coconuts at him. Thus , he got both the food and the drink and was saved then.

Moral: Anything can be achieved through intelligence.


  1. Write a story with the help of the following points and add a suitable title :

Points: War broke out between England and France – an English soldier was imprisoned in France—released and returned homes and saw a bird-seller with cages full of birds—bought all the cages and set them free




Long time ago, war broke out between England and France. France defeated England after a hard battle. An English soldier was caught and imprisoned in France. Days passed. England and France signed a peace treaty. So the soldier in prison also was released. He was returning home. On the way, he found a bird-seller with many kinds of birds in cages with him. The caged birds gave him the reminder of his imprisoned days. He became shocked and bought all the birds from the seller. He then set them free in the sky. Now beautiful smile hovered in the face of the soldier.

Moral: Only a sufferer knows the pangs of sufferings.


  1. Write a story with the help of the following points and add a suitable title :


[Points : Holding a piece of meat in its mouth a dog wanted to eat in a quiet place—it had to cross a stream—it saw its own reflection— it thought another dog with the same piece of meat—the dog wanted to get it—it barked—the piece of meat fell into water.]




Once upon a time there was a greedy dog. One day, he stole a piece of meat out of a butcher’s shop. He wanted to eat it in a  safe place . He came to a clear stream. There was a narrow wooden bridge over the stream. While crossing the stream across the bridge, he looked below and saw his own reflection in the water. He took it for another dog with a piece of meat in its mouth. Being  greedy , the  up dog decided to have that piece piece of meat too. He opened his mouth to  grasp for the other dog’s meat and his own piece of meat was fallen into the water and was lost.

Moral : Try to be happy with what you have.




Story writing

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