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  1. Write a report on the annual sports.


Annual sports of Gobindatola B.N Pandey High school


By A Staff Reporter


Gobindatola, Bhagwangola, Jan. 2: The annual sports of Gobindatola B.N Pandey High School came off on a grand style in its school playground. All sides of the school playground were richly decorated with small flags and festoons. A dais was made at the eastern corner of the ground. Boundaries of the playground were packed with students, guardians and enthusiasts. The annual sports began after a march past programme of the students. There were many events in which student-competitors took part. These were hundred metre race, two hundred metre race, high jump, long jump, sack race, spoon race, go as you like, etc

The best event was ‘Go as you like’. Ratan Das, a student of class X, was declared the best athlete.Our school secretary presided over the event. Pintu Ghosh, a famous footballer was the honoured chief guest. They both distributed the prizes among the winners. They urged the students to be disciplined in every sphere of life. The sport was over with a vote of thanks to the president, the chief guest and other visitors.


  1. Write a report on the collapse of a building using the following hints.


Hints: Rajendra Road, Bhawanipur, KolkataMay 3-10 killed including a 70-year-old woman-15 injured-hospitalised-causes: i. low quality building materials ii. serious defects in construction iii. soil testing not done properly steps taken—the promoter arrested—an enquiry committee set up by Kolkata Municipal Corporation


Five-storeyed building collapse kills 10




Kolkata, May 4: An almost new five-storeyed building at Rajendra Road, Bhawanipur collapsed and crumbled to the ground yesterday late at night when almost everybody was asleep. Ten people including a 75-year-old woman were killed. 25 others were trapped in the rubble.

Local people came to the spot and rescued the injured. The victims were transferred to a nearby hospital immediately. Kolkata Municipal Corporation construction experts rushed to the scene. According to them, the quality of building materials may be low. There might be serious defects in the construction. They were of opinion that the soil testing was not done properly. The police have arrested the promoter. An enquiry committee has been set up by Kolkata Municipal Corporation to look into the probable causes of the collapse and take up follow-up actions.




  1. Write a report on a science exhibition.Use the following hints.


Hints: Date: October 24; an evolution of mankind-the reason for such an exhibitionaim of the organisation: science awareness; a library; laboratory

Science exhibition at Gobindatola B.N Pandey High school


A Staff Reporter


Gobindatola, Bhagwangola,Feb. 25: Gobindatola B.N.Pandey High school organised an exhibition yesterday. The exhibition was on the universe and its evolution, history of life and its gradual evolution. The exhibition was held to teach people a scientific and analytical approach to life. The scientific theories of eminent scientists were also exhibited at a gallery of the school auditorium.

This organization wants to open an institution on science and spread science awareness among the rural people of Bhagwangola. They have also planned to set up a library and laboratory for young students so that they can get practical lessons from a very young age. A few more programmes are adopted in some other parts of the rural areas.


  1. Write a report: A daring bank robbery .Use the following hints.


Hints: Date: 18 Dec, Place: Kolkata, description: UBI (Hatibagan Branch) raided by 8 dacoits-escaped with jewellery and cash worth about 5 lakh-the guard overpowered -operation was completed within a few minutes—investigation is on-no arrest so far.


Daring bank robbery


By staff reporter


Kolkata, 18 Dec.: Eight dacoits raided the Hatibagan branch of UBI with firearms. It happened in broad daylight this afternoon. They escaped with jewellery and cash worth about Rs 5 lakh, according to a bank source. The robbers entered the bank  as customers. Criminals entered the bank and pretend to be customers. They took an armed guard and  defeated him.They snatched the rifle from the guard, took out their own revolvers and threatened to shoot everyone. Next they entered the cashier’s room and looted currency notes. Ornaments were also taken from other locks. The operation was completed within a few minutes. The dacoits fired a few gun-shots and hurled bombs while escaping.

The bank officials informed the police who arrived after half-an-hour. Investigation is on. No one has been arrested yet.


10.Write a report about a village fair you recently enjoyed mentioning place, date,time, the name of the fair, shows and stalls in the fair including your own impression.





By a staff reporter


Lalbagh, Murshidabad, January 18 : A four day fair was held on the occasion of the Chaitra Sankranti  on the bank of the Bhagirathi, at Lalbagh, a village in Murshidabad district.. A huge number of people including the Hindus and the Muslims from remote villages came to the fair and carried home a number of household goods and luxury items at a price which was incredibly low.

The fair started each day at around 9 o’clock in the morning and ended at around 9 o’clock at night. Maximum crowd gathered at noon. Numberless varieties of goods were being sold at different stalls made temporarily. Of them stalls selling various food items attracted most of the crowd. People were found eating various types of food like baked wheat cakes, noodles, egg rolls, fried fish, baked rice, chicken curry, puffed rice etc.

The joy of the rural boys and girls knew no bounds as they rode on wooden horses and merry-go-rounds. Magicians, baul singers and snake charmers attracted a lot of crowd. Most of the visitors who flocked to the fair were clad in their best dresses.

Stalls selling jilabi, ‘sweet wheat sticks’, ‘danadar’, coloured sweets, hot baked nuts, wooden planks, tools, mud-made pitchers, mangers, small glasses were overcrowded. The game of cock-fighting towards the evening in the last day attracted hundreds of spectators and the victorious cocks fetched a lot of money to their owners.



11.Write a report on your recent visit to a Science Fair. 




By a staff reporter


Kolkata, January 15 : On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Satyen Basu a Science Fair was held in the Mela ground near Science City under the aegis of some private organizations and the state government. There were 700 stalls in the fair which were beautifully decorated. Some laptops, desktops, palmtops and robots which were yet to come in market were displayed. Demonstrators and guides explained to the visitors the new items.

The most impressive exhibition was made by the students of R. K. Mission Narendrapur and the students of some district schools. Some students exhibited how mobile phones can be charged from the circuit kept in the shoes. Few students made artificial radio stations. Most of them rendered magic into reality. Through scientific expalnations the students of Narendrapur showed how mysterious incidents take place in this world.

Multifarious electronic gadgets including Plasma television, LCD screens, home theatre, mobile sets and recording system were on display. People made a beeline for purchasing flat TVs, and new release of CDs and DVDs. There were more than five stalls where models of low cost houses were exhibited by a group of civil engineers, architects and interior designers. Demonstrators showed the people on the computer how houses of different elevation could be made to add to their beauty. Exhibitions on unconventional sources of energy were added attractions. Different mass awareness programmes were also held in the fair ground. Students of different districts visited the fair.


  1. Write a report about your visit to the book fair.




By a staff reporter


Kolkata, March 11 : The Kolkata Book Fair that lasted for 10 days was a grand success. The book-lovers ate numerous food items including pies from Bangladesh to continue to hop book stalls. Ponetel Books House and Harvard Book Stall made laudable attempts to encourage writers-to-be. They published numerous books of new authors and arranged seminars inviting both Indian and foreign writers. The West Bengal Government also conducted creative writing workshop for the would-be authors. Thousands of people visited the fair site everyday and lots of books were sold out to prove that Kolkata did not fall short of book-lovers as yet.

Apart from big national publishing houses lots of foreign publications gave their stalls. The great discount that was given on every purchase was another attraction of the fair that pulled crowds of people from the city, districts and even people from other states too. The Oxford Publication had a record sale while Ananda, Rupa did not lag behind in their sale record too. Lots of books on poems were sold.

Along with the books of Joy Goswami, Sunil Gangopadhyaya, Subha Dasgupto, little magazines and the books of less known poets also sold like hot cakes. Various cultural programmes like debates, dramas, recitation and musical recitals were added attractions.


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