PARAGRAPH WRITING


                        –   Prepared by Brojen Das

What is paragraph writing?

A paragraph is consisted of a group of sentences on some particular topic and there should have a complete presentations and logical ideas.

How to write a paragraph?

  1. In a paragraph, the sentences should be simple, lucid, short, and clear.
    2.  There must be a series of the logical development of thoughts and ideas.
    3. All the given hints or points or outlines must be included in a paragraph.
    4. A paragraph must have a very good title.
    5. Paragraph should be started with an introductory sentence after giving a suitable title.
    6. It’s better to use simple and short sentences.
    7. Don’t write complicated sentences.
    8. There must be a concluding sentence in a paragraph.


  1. Write a paragraph on a book you have recently read.

    Points: title of the book —author— content —-your impression —-its effect on your mind.

A book I have Recently Read

Now a days we are so much busy with the books of our syllabus but whenever I get the opportunity and have some time, I would like to spend my time reading the books other than the syllabus. Recently I have read the book named Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. I have read the first part of the book. The very first part includes Gulliver’s expectations and his adventures to the land of Lilliputs. Really it’s a magnificent imaginary travel story that shows the masterpiece of Swift. It’s a satire on human nature. While going through the book I imagine myself sometimes to be in the land of Lilliputs. The first part of the book creates an impression on my mind and I am eagerly waiting to read the remaining three parts of the story whenever I get my leisure time.


  1. Write a paragraph on your aim in life.

    Points: what you want to be— why you want to be—  your future plan— who inspires you—- effectiveness in the society — conclusion.


The aim is something which takes you to your destination. Everyone should have an aim in his or her life. Aim stands for your preparation, your future plan, your determination, your strong will, your willpower. No one can be successful in his or her life without any aim. My aim in my life is to be a teacher.  I am greatly inspired to be a teacher by one of my best teachers named Ranajit Biswas ( We lovingly call him Kushi Daa). Teaching is a noble profession. It gives me extra pleasure to do something for the students, for the society. I think if I can be a teacher in future it will be a real satisfaction for me in every aspect of my life.



  1. Write a paragraph on a memorable day in your life.


We would like to preserve many happy or sad incidents in our memories because thes incidents finally teach us some lessons. In my childhood, I was very very naughty. I used to fight with my classmate. But I never thought that for this, one day my father was summoned to the school. My father had to feel insulted for my misdeeds. Then I took an oath that I would never fight with anyone because I don’t want to see my father being insulted for my misbehavior. That incident altered me completely. Trust me, since then I did not fight with anyone else in my life till now. That is the memorable incident in my life which changed my life totally and made me an established human being.


  1. Write a paragraph on your favorite hobby.

points: what is a hobby —-why do you choose it—- how you practice it—what is the benefit you get from it.


Hobby means a passion or work which gives him or her a different kind of mental satisfaction during his or her leisure time. My hobby is gardening because I love gardening. As a Student, I have to give my maximum time to reading and writing. I study regularly. So I feel tired sometimes, I need relaxation. Gardening provides me that much needed relaxation for me. I like to take care of the plants. I water them regularly. My garden becomes Paradise when the plants are blessed with flowers.  Taking care of plants means taking care of our mother nature. It is a matter of regret that our environment is being polluted day by day. I have some extra mental satisfaction because my gardening is finally helping to restore normalcy for the eco-system.


**** I hope this paragraph writing questions answers will help a lot for students for class IX, X, XI.




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