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A process stands for a number of activities performed to have a particular result.


How to write a process:

  1. There must be a heading in capital   letters at the top of the writing.
  2. Process writing should start with an introductory sentence.
  3. Add in each sentence one of these linkers—-At first, Then, After that, Next, Later, At last, Thus, Finally, etc.
  4. Process writing is generally written in passive voice construction (is/are+V3).
  5. The flowchart /points /hints should be used to write the process writing.



  1. Using the following flowchart Make a paragraph on how to make a preparation of Tomato jelly.

Flow-chart: buying or collecting ripe tomatoes—-sorting and removing the bad ones—–cleaning and washing—-smashing and extracting the juice—seeds separated—-boiling for about thirty minutes—-sugar chilli and a little salt added towards the end of boiling—-jelly prepared—–cooled and bottled.




Tomato jelly is a delicious item which is taken either with bread or biscuits. several stages are followed to prepare it. Firstly, tomatoes are brought from the market. Then, they are cleaned in freshwater and bad ones are sorted out. The rotten ones are removed. Then, they are smashed well. The juice is extracted. After that, the extracted juice is boiled for half an hour.

Next, towards the end of boiling, the required amount of sugar, salt, and chilies are added. When boiling is over, the pot is left for cooling. Now, the jelly is ready. It is then bottled. It may be either used at home or sold in the market.



  1. Using the following flowchart write a paragraph on how a school magazine is published.


Flow-chart: introduction —-students selected for the editorial board—- manuscripts—– collected writings—- sorted—– proof checking done —–manuscripts printed—– distributed to all.


The magazine is published almost in all the schools. School magazine helps the students express their creativity. Several stages are followed to publish a school magazine. Firstly, for the publication of the magazine, an editorial board is formed with selected students and teachers. Then, the manuscripts are collected from the students. The printable writings are sorted and proof checking is done by the members of the board. Next, the selected manuscripts are printed into magazines. Finally, those magazines are distributed among the students and the Teachers.




  1. Using the following flow chart make a paragraph on how Mango pickle is prepared.


Flow-chart: buying or collecting green mangoes from the market—sorting and removing the skin——cutting into pieces—–spices, salt, mustard oil and chili mixed—–kept in a flat pot—–kept under sunlight—–poured into the jar.




Mango pickle is delicious food. Several stages are followed to prepare it. At first,  green mangoes are bought from the market. Then, they are sorted and rotten once are removed. Next, the skin is removed and they are cut into pieces. After that, different types of spices, salt mustard oil, and chilli are added and mixed properly. Then, they are kept in a big flat pot in the sunlight. Finally, when it is poured into the jar so that it can be used throughout the year.




  1. Using the following flow chart make a paragraph on how tea is prepared.


Flow-chart: pour cold water in a kettle—- boil it until vapour comes out —–put tea leaf in a teapot—– pour boiled water in the teapot and leave it for 2 minutes —–add sugar and milk and stare with a teaspoon —–pour it in cups —-serve it hot.




Tea is an energy-giving drink which gives us instant energy. We cordially welcome our guests with cups of tea. Several stages are followed to prepare it. At first, cold water is poured into a kettle. Next, the kettle is put on a burning oven. After that, the water is boiled until vapour comes out. Thereafter, some tea leaves are put in a teapot. Next, the boiled water is poured into the teapot and it is left for only 2 minutes. Next, sugar and milk are mixed with it and it is stirred with a teaspoon. Finally, it is poured in caps and served hot.




  1. Using the following charts make a paragraph on how  cake is prepared.


Flow-chart: introduction— a cup of flour taken—- a teaspoon of baking powder and 3 eggs added —-sugar and butter mixed—– stirred for 5 minutes —-baked at a certain temperature—- chocolate syrup poured—-cashew nuts added—- cooled for sometimes —- cake is ready.




Cake is a very popular food among all of us in winter. Several stages are followed to prepare it. At first, a cup of flour is taken in a container. Then the other ingredients like a teaspoon of baking powder and 3 eggs are added. Next, the mixture is well stirred for about 5 minutes. After that, the mixture is poured into a pot. Next, at a certain temperature, the mixture is baked for about 20 minutes. thereafter, chocolate syrup is poured into this mixture for additional taste. Then, cherries, cashew nuts, and dry fruits are added to it for garnishing. Then, it is left to cool for some time. Finally,  cake is ready to eat.




*****I hope the questions & answers of PROCESS WRITING will help a lot for the students of class-IX, X, XIPART-2 of PROCESS WRITING .This is best for the Madyamik students. More PROCESS WRITING will be added in next part -2.

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