1.primarily who lived on the Big Half Moon?

Answer:- The narrator, her father, and her brother Claude lived on the Big Half Moon.


2.Why did the people feel pity for them?

Answer:- People felt pity for the narrator’s family for their loneliness on the island.


3.Who are the new members on the Big Half Moon island with the narrator?

Answer:-  Aunt Esther, Mimi, and Dick  are the new members on the Big Half Moon island with the narrator.


4.Who were the cousins of the narrator?

Answer:- The cousins of the narrator were Mimi and Dick.


5.What is the thing that was responsible for the reunion between the narrator’s family and her aunt’s?

Answer:- The run away kite was responsible for the reunion between the narrator’s family and her aunt’s.


6.What is the narrator’s father?

Answer:- The narrator’s father is the keeper of the Big Half Moon lighthouse.


7.What was their father’s condition when they asked him about relatives?

Answer:- When they asked their father about relatives, he looked very sorrowful and gloomy.


8.What was their father’s remark about their not having any relative?

Answer:- According to their father, they don’t have any relatives as it was all his fault.


9.How does the narrator describe the harbour in summer?

Answer:- The narrator describes the harbour in Summer as fine, blue and calm, with little wind and ripples on the sea.


10.Who were crazy about kites?


Answer:- The last summer before Mimi and Dick joined the family,  the narrator and Claude were crazy about making and flying kites.



11.Who taught Claude how to make kites?

Answer:- A boy on the mainland taught Claude how to make kites and soar it higher to the sky.


12.What was the address written on the red kite?

Answer:- The address written on the red kite was of Big Half Moon lighthouse.


13.With what did they patch the kite up?

Answer:- They patched the kite up with an old letter to fly the kite higher as the wind was glorious.


14.What game did they play with the kite?

Answer:- The narrator and Claude had to play with each other. They would go to opposite sides of the island and would play shipwrecked mariners signalling to each other with kites.


15.How did the narrator tear the kite?

Answer:- While bringing the kite from the house hurriedly, the narrator tripped and fell over the rocks. Her elbow went clear through the kite, making a big hole.


16.How was the kite fixed by the author and Claude?

Answer:- Claude and the narrator patched the kite with an old letter, pasting a sheet on each side. Then they dried it by the fire to soar it higher to the sky as the wind was glorious.


17.How did the kite fly after it had been mended?

Answer:- After the kite had been mended, it soared up like a bird. The wind was glorious when the kite was soaring higher and higher.


18.Why did Claude stand there looking foolish?

Answer:- Claude was standing there looking like a fool as the kite  sailed away over to the mainland.


19.What did father find when he went back home years afterward?

Answer:- Father found to his dismay that his brother had died and his sister was missing.


20.Where did Aunt Esther live?

Answer:- Aunt Esther lived hundreds of miles from the island.


21.Why did Aunt Esther turn pale?

Answer:- Aunt turned pale seeing the letter stuck on the kite. It was the same letter she had once written to her brother, and the names Claude and Philippa written over it. They were her parents.


22.How did Dick and Mimi find the kite?

Answer:- When Dick and Mini went outside for an outing, they discovered the kite on top of a tree in the Woods.


23.Why did the narrator’s father leave home?

Answer:- The narrator’s father left home after he had quarrelled with his brother.


24.Which story did the narrator’s father tell the narrator and her brother?

Answer:- Narrator’s  Father had a brother and a sister. He had quarrelled with his brother and left home angrily. Years afterward, he felt sorry for them and when he went back, he found to his dismay that his brother had died and his sister was missing.


25.How did Dick and Mimi get the kite?

Answer:- One day Dick and Mimi went outside for an outing in the Woods. There they discovered the kite on top of a tree and carried it home hurriedly.







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