Tales of Bhola Grandpa


Tales of Bhola Grandpa


 All Questions – Answers IX


Tales of Bhola Grandpa All Questions – Answers IX:

1, When did Bhola Grandpa let out a loud wail?


As soon as Bhola Grandpa realized that his grandson was not with him, he cried out after being reminded by one of the members of the party.


  1. Where had the grandson found a cosy shelter in ?


The missing grandson of Bhola Grandpa had found a cosy shelter under a cow’s belly.


  1. What request did Bhola Grandpa make to the first man he saw on the mound?


Bhola Grandpa requested the first man he saw on the mound to give him water to drink.


4 How old was Bhola Grandpa’s wife when he died?


When Bhola Grandpa passed away, his wife was eighty years old.


  1. Why was no real treasure found under the sand dunes?


Bhola Grandpa saw a reverie. In his reverie, he had seen a gang of pirates burying riches in one of the sand dunes. That is why no real treasure was found under the sand dunes.


  1. What did the tiger do after Bhola Grandpa had climbed up the banyan tree?


Having seen the tiger, Bhola Grandpa instantly climbed up a nearby banyan tree. Then, the tiger roared and walked around the tree about a hundred times. At last, being tired, it settled down under a bush but kept watchful eyes on him.


  1. What was the reason’ of Bhola Grandpa’s death according to his wife?


The actual reason of Bhola Grandpa’s death was still a matter of mystery. But his wife guessed that he was dead because he might forget to breathe as he was forgetful by nature.


  1. Where did Bhola grandpa and his wife live?


Bhola grandpa and his wife lived in a hut in the western part of the narrator’s village.


  1. What overshadowed Bhola grandpa’s hut?


A huge Bokal tree overshadowed the hut of the Bhola grandpa.


  1. Which animals lived in the bokal tree?


In the bokal tree, there lived a small troop of monkeys.


  1. When was the narrator with others returning from a festival?


The narrator with others was returning from a festival on a moonlit night.


  1. what happened to Bhola grandpa when he was returning from a weekly market in the evening?


When Bhola grandpa was returning from a weekly market in the evening, all of a sudden, he faced a Royal Bengal tiger.


  1. Who buried the treasure in the sand dunes?


A gang of pirates buried the treasure in one of the sand dunes.


  1. Who roamed freely in the jungles of the Sundarbans?


Royal Bengal tigers roamed freely in the dense jungles of the Sundarbans.


  1. What did Bhola grandpa do when he saw the tiger?


when Bhola grandpa saw the tiger, he climbed up a nearby Banyan tree without any delay.


  1. How long did the narrator’s father and others search for the hidden treasure?


Informed by Bhola grandpa about the treasures, the narrator’s father and others searched for the hidden treasure from afternoon to past midnight.


  1. At what age Bhola grandpa left us forever?


Bhola grandpa breathed his last at the age of ninety-five.


  1. What did the people usually do to protect themselves from royal Bengal tigers?


People took a lot of care to roam about only in groups, particularly after sundown to protect themselves from Royal Bengal tigers.


  1. Why was the man on the mound bewildered much?


The man on the mount suddenly noticed the hungry tiger. He also saw Bhola grandpa walking past the tiger but it did not do any harm. so he was much bewildered.


  1. What did Bhola grandpa dream in the middle nap?


In the middle nap, Bhola Grandpa dreamt of a gang of pirates burying a large box under one of the sand dunes on the seashore by their village.


  1. How was Bhola grandpa’s grandson found?


The narrator’s father chose two sharp-eyed men to find out the missing grandson of Bhola grandpa. They went back to the festival with Bhola grandpa. The grandson was finally found under a cow’s belly.


  1. Who was howling?


A pack of jackals was howling.

Tales of Bhola Grandpa


  1. Where did Bhola grandpa have a great adventure once?


Once Bhola grandpa had a great adventure in the Sundarbans.


  1. Why did Bhola grandpa almost loss his senses?


Bhola grandpa almost lost his senses in the fear of the tiger.


  1. What did Bhola grandpa do remembering the tiger?


Remembering the tiger, Bhola grandpa looked at it instantly and ran back home to save his life.




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