1.What was the condition of the narrator after getting the telephone call?

Answer:- The telephone call carrying the death news of Bapu made Nayantara Sehgal numb with shock.


2.What broadcast did the common people listen to?

Answer:- The common people listened on broadcast  that their favourite Bapu breathed his last and  left them forever.


3.Where was Gandhiji when he was shot?

Answer:- Gandhiji was on his way to the prayer meeting as usual when he was suddenly shot dead.


4.How did the authoress get the news?

Answer:- The authoress got the news of Gandhiji’s death by an urgent telephone call while having tea.


5.When and how did Gandhiji die?

Answer:- Gandhiji was on his way to the prayer meeting. He was shot and died after a few minutes.


6.What did the narrator find reaching the Birla House?

Answer:-  After reaching the Birla House, the narrator found Gandhiji’s relatives and followers had gathered around his body. There was an awkward silence in the room as Gandhiji breathed his last.


7.How did the people react to the news of Gandhiji’s death?

Answer:- The news of Gandhiji’s death has spread through Delhi like a flame fanned by the wind. Sorrowful men and women had collected around the Birla House to see his dead body for the last time.


8.What was the uppermost question in the minds of the mourning people?

Answer:- What would happen to the people of India as Gandhiji had left them forever? This was the uppermost question creating in the minds of all.


9.Why did the people look like ‘lost children’?

Answer:- Just like an orphan feels unprotected without parents similarly, the common people of India felt the same. Gandhiji was their leader, their Bapu, their father. After their Bapu’s death, they felt unprotected, without knowing where to go and what to do. That is why they looked like ‘ lost children’.


10.who was Padmasi?

Answer:- Padmasi was the daughter of Mrs. Naidu.


11.Why was it impossible to move?

Answer:- It was impossible to move among the thick crowd as many gathered beside the road.


12.What did the narrator understand at the time of walking?

Answer:- The narrator initially thought that she was the only one who felt the absence of Bapu. But later, she realized that She was not merely in the midst of grieving people.


13.What was the only way to open average India?

Answer:- To walk was the only way open to the average Indian people at that time.


14.What happened on the day of Gandhiji’s funeral?

Answer:- On the day of Gandhiji’s funeral, sorrowful people lined the route, and the funeral procession was to follow hours in advance. All the followers of Gandhiji walked with their Bapu because it would be the last walking with him.


15.What did Padmasi suggest and why?

Answer:- Padmasi suggested to the people present over there that they should walk in the funeral procession of Gandhiji as it would be the last walking with him.


16.What did the Narrator realize on the day of the funeral procession?

Answer:- On the day of the funeral procession, the narrator realized that walking with Bapu among others had a special meaning for her.


17.What was Bapu’s view about walking?

Answer:- According to Bapu, to walk is to make slow progress. It gives an opportunity to think with clarity and look closely at everything around us.


18.Why did not people weep anymore?

Answer:- People did not weep anymore because they could feel Gandhiji’s presence amid the flowers and songs.


19.How did the narrator feel when she was back in Delhi?

Answer:- Back in Delhi, the narrator felt at sea means alone, desperate without Bapu.


20.What does the author mean by ‘magic circle’?

Answer:- By ‘magic circle’ the Narrator means the great living influence created once under the leadership of Gandhiji.


21.How did the magic circle Vanish?

Answer:- The magic circle vanished as soon as Gandhiji passed away.


22.How would India continue to live after the passing away of Bapu?

Answer:- India would continue to live in Babu’s children with the idealism, didacticism of Bapu.


23.How where Gandhiji’s ashes brought to Allahabad?

Answer:- A special train took Gandhiji’s ashes to Allahabad. The compartment was decorated with flowers. People on the train sang bhajans. Amid song and prayer, the train finally reached  Allahabad.





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