1. What does the mist cover?

Ans. The mist covers the distant mountains.

  1. What does the mist foretell?

Ans. The mist foretells that there will be no storm in the following day.

  1. What does the mist remind the poet?

Ans. The mist reminds the poet of her sweet loving childhood days.

  1. Where did the poet use to sit in the childhood days?

Ans. In her childhood days, the poet used to sit in her father’s sheltering roof near the big hall door.

  1. What did the day shed all day?
    Ans. The day being personified has shed tears all day.


  1. How is the poet’s state of mind after seeing the blue mist upon the hill?

Ans. After seeing the blue mist upon the hill, the poet’s mind is mournful.

  1. What does the poet watch attentively?

Ans. The poet watches attentively the cloudy evening fall.

  1. What season does the poet mention in the poem, ‘Mild the Mist Upon the Hill?

Ans. The poet mentions the summer season in the poem ” Mild the Mist Upon the Hill.

  1. What is the colour of the mist?

Ans. The colour of the mist is blue.

  1. How does the poet depict the mountain chain in the horizon?

Ans. The poet’s description of the mountain chain in the horizon is veiled with dense blue summer cloud.

  1. Where does the poet live?

Ans. The poet lives near the mountain chain.

  1. Where does the damp stick?

Ans. The damp sticks in the long green grass.

  1. What did the poet compare the moisture sticking in the long green grass to?

Ans. The poet compared the moisture sticking in the long green grass to the morning tears.

  1. What does the scent of air remind the poet?

Ans. The aroma of the air reminds the poet’s happy and cheerful past years and her mind is overwhelmed with joy.


A thin fog has veiled the mountain top. The atmosphere is sad and mournful. It means that no rain will take place on the following day. All the silent sorrows in the heart of the day have passed through the shedding of incessant rains till the evening. There prevails no gloominess any longer. The grown-up poet has walked down the memory lane to her sweet and beautiful childhood days. She was then under the loving care of her father. She used to stand near the old hall door.

Now, the poet sees a cloudy evening that creeps slowly and silently. In the horizon of the distant mountain, there is a layer of blue mists of summer. The fog still remains in the long green grass telling about the morning dews. The nostalgic poet feels the aroma of her dreamy and graceful delights of past years in the midst of tranquil natural ambience.

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