– Ray Douglas Bradbury

  1. Who writer of the text, ‘All Summer In a Day.

Ans. Ray Douglas Bradbury is the writer of the text ‘All Summer In a Day’.

  1. What kind of text is ‘All Summer In a Day”?

Ans. All Summer In A Day’ is all about a fiction based on Science.

  1. How were the days in Venus?

Ans. The days of Venus were filled with a gush of water and endless showers.

  1. Who set up civilization in Venus?

Ans. Men and women from earth set up civilizations in Venus.

  1. What were the school children waiting for?

Ans. The school children were waiting for the sun to come.

  1. Why did not the children recall the sun coming out last time.?

Ans. The children did not recall the sun coming out last time as they were too young then.

  1. How did the children spend the day before?

Ans. The children spent the day before reading about the sun and writing stories, essays and poems about it.

  1. What did the children compose about the sun?

Ans. The children composed essays, stories, or poems about the sun.

  1. When did the children gather at the great thick windows?


Ans. The children gathered at the great thick windows when the rain was slackening.

10 Describe the silence that broke after the rains stopped.

Ans. When the rain stopped, it was as if a hurricane had lost its sound. There was nothing but peace.

  1. What did the children do after the sun came out?

Ans. When the sun came out, the children rushed out yelling, into the sunshine.

12 How did the sun look when it first came out?

Ans. The sun was the colour of flaming bronze and it was very large.

13 Why did the teacher warn the children not to go far?

Ans. The teacher warned them not to go far as they had only one hour.

14 Why did the children remove their jackets?

Ans. The children removed their jackets to let the sun warm their arms.

15 How was the sunlight compared to lamplight as felt by the children?

Ans. The children felt that sunlight was much better than lamplight.

16 Where did the children stop running?

Ans. The children stopped running in the great jungle that covered Venus.

17 What was the colour of the jungle?

Ans. The jungle was the colour of rubber, ash and ink.

18 How did the children play in the jungle?


Ans. The children ran among the trees. They slipped and fell. They jogged each other and started playing hide and seek.

19 How did the children run in the jungle?

Ans. The children ran wildly like escaped animals, shouting in circles.

20 Why did the girl wail?

Ans. The girl wailed when a large raindrop had fallen into her palm.

21 What happened when the children looked at the sky?

Ans. A few cold drops of rain fell on the children’s noses, cheeks and mouths when they looked at the sky.

22 How did the children feel when the sun faded behind a cloud of mist?

Ans. The children felt very sad and their smiles vanished when the sun faded behind a cloud of mist.

23 Why did the children turn over each other?

Ans. The children turned over each other as they were startled by a boom of thunder.

24 What did they listen to when they shut the doors?

Ans. They listened to the massive sound of rain which was falling everywhere when they shut the doors.

25 Why were the faces of the children pale?

Ans. The faces of the children became pale as they have to wait seven more years for the sun to come out.


Summary of the Story: ALL SUMMER IN A DAY

The prescribed story is a part of science fiction. A science-fiction is an imaginary story of the future, based on some scientific discovery. So such kinds of stories arouse our keenness to know more about scientific facts and discoveries and at the same time, it satisfies our imagination. This story deals with Venus, a planet in our solar system. Venus’ is called the twin sister of the earth because of lots of similarities, in shape and size, between them.


Though Venus is without any sign of life, yet the existence of the atmosphere has been traced there. Based on this scientific fact, here Bradbury starts his imaginary flight. He imagines some people from the earth have gone to Venus and formed a civilization there. The children are in school.


It always rains on the planet. Every seven years the sun appears there and that too for an hour. People normally live under the ground in some tunnel house. So, especially for the children, the sun is an object of the greatest wonder.

When the sky gradually becomes clear after the rain stops, they wait eagerly and expectantly for the sun to appear. When the sun appears, their joy knows no bound. They laugh and cry, run and play and thus enjoy to their heart’s content. The warmth and light of the sun are magical to them. But after an hour when gradually the sun fades away and the rain starts again, they become disheartened. A little girl starts to cry. Again they have to wait for another seven years for the sun.




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