1. Who is the writer of the story , ‘ Tom Loses a Tooth ‘ ?

Ans. Mark Twain is the writer of the Story ” Tom Loses a Tooth”.

  1. Which Country did Mark Twain belong to ?

Ans. Mark Twain belonged to America.

  1. What symtoms did Tom get ?

Ans. Tom had the symtoms of stomach ache.

  1. Why didn’t Tom like Monday mornings ?

Ans. Tom did not like Monday mornings because it started another week’s slow suffering at school for Tom.

  1. Why did Tom desire that he was sick?

Tom is thinking

Ans. Tom wished he was sick so he could stay home from school.

  1. What was Tom’s intention for investigating his body ?

Ans. Tom was investigating his body to find some ailment.

7.What symptoms did Tom find all at once ?

Ans. Tom found that one of his upper front teeth was loose.

  1. Why did not Tom tell Polly auntie about his loose tooth ?

Ans. Tom did not tell Polly auntie about his loose tooth because he was afraid that she would pull it out and that would hurt.

  1. What could the disease described by Tom recall about a doctor ?

Ans. The disease could lay up a patient to bed for three days and make him lose a finger.

  1. What was Sid’s response to Tom’s groaning at first ?

Sid is sleeping

Ans. Sid slept on when Tom started groaning.

  1. How did Tom wake up Sid ?

Ans. Tom woke up Sid by shaking him.

  1. What did Tom tell about his sickness when Sid shook him ?

Ans. Tom told Sid that he was dying.

  1. Who was Mary ?

Ans. Mary was Tom’s cousin sister.

  1. How was the reaction of aunt Polly when Tom told her that his toe was hurting ?

Aunt poly rushed

Ans. Polly auntie instantly understood that Tom’s toe pain was fake . She was quite shocked and sank into a chair.

  1. What was the reaction of Tom when Polly auntie asked Mary to bring a silk thread ?

Ans. Tom was frightened and confessed the truth.

  1. What dental instrument did Polly auntie use to pull out Tom’s tooth ?

Ans. Polly auntie used just a silk thread to pull out the tooth.

  1. How did Tom smile with the tooth gap ?

Tom is smiling with the gap in his teeth.

Ans. Tom smiled in a new and admirable way with the gap in his teeth.



Summary of the Story TOM LOSES A TOOTH:

This is a story of a boy who does childlike pranks. For the young boys and girls, there is a general aversion to school. School is a compulsory purgatory for them as there they have mental and physical punishment . Here Tom’s imagination produces a lot of laughter. Waking up from sleep, Tom first thinks how he will avoid going to school. Naturally seniors do not give any value to such a useless demand. They think that the children will be spoiled unless they go to school.

So Tom must have to find out some serious cause to serve his purpose. He starts to search for some physical distress or ailment. Initially he thinks about his stomach trouble. But that is not a grave problem. So, he thinks about his loose tooth. But he has to drop this plan also, thinking that Aunt Polly may pull his tooth out. So, he starts pretending that he suffers from a sore toe. He starts to groan.

Ultimately it drags his Aunt upstairs. She gives little importance to the sore toe. Then Tom tells her about the tooth. She then and there tries to pull the loose tooth out to solve this problem. By this time the case has gone beyond Tom’s grip. Even after admitting the truth he is unable to make himself free from his Aunt’s clutches. Ultimately he loses the tooth, creating a gap in his upper row of teeth. Thus this hilarious episode comes to an end.


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