1 ‘I told you to take it off and put it in the box.’ –What does ‘it’ refer to here?

Ans. ‘It’ refers to Leela’s gold chain in R.K. Narayan’s short story ‘Leela’s friend.

2 What was Mr. Sivasanker’s profession?

Ans. Mr. Sivasankar was a Serviceman.

3 What did Leela ask Sidda to draw?

Ans. Leela asked Sidda to draw  a cat or crow.

4 Who asked Sidda(servant) to throw the ball into the sky?

Ans. Leela, the five-year-old daughter of Mr. Sivasanker asked Sidda to throw the ball into the sky.

5 . What did Sidda do at Mr. Sivasanker’s house?

Ans. Sidda had to wash clothes, chop woods, tend the garden, run errands, and to look after Leela in Mr. Sivasanker’s house.

6.What was Leela’s box filled with?

Ans. Leela’s box was filled with some catalogues, illustrated books, and stumps of pencils.

  1. What is Mr. Sivasanker’s first impression?

Ans. Mr. Shivasanker’s first impression is that Sidda does not seem to be a bad boy  and he looks neat and clean.

8.How, according to Sidda, could Leela touch the la sky?

Ans. According to Sidda, Leela could touch the  sky if she stands on the top of a coconut tree.

  1. Why did Sidda leave the old master’s house?

Ans. Sidda had to leave the old master’s house as his old master had left the town.

10.What kind of job did Sidda do in the Sivasanker’s household?

Ans. Sidda washed clothes, tended the garden, ran errands, chopped wood, and took care of Leela in the Sivasanker’s household.


11.Where did Leela’s mother find the chain?

Ans. Leela’s mother found the chain finally inside the tamarind pot in the kitchen.

  1. Who is the writer of the story ‘Leela’s Friend’?

Ans. The writer of the story ‘Leela’s Friend’ is R.K. Narayan.

  1. Where is the story ‘Leela’s Friend’ taken from?

Ans. The story ‘Leela’s Friend’ is taken from ‘Malgudi Days’.

14.When was ‘Malgudi Days’ published?

Ans. ‘Malgudi Days’ by R.K. Narayan was published in 1943.

  1. What was Mr. Sivasanker pondering over, standing in the verandah of his house?

Ans. Mr. Shivasanker was pondering over the servant problem.

16 . Where was Mrs. Sivasanker standing when Sidda came to his house.

Ans. When Sidda appeared to  Mr. Sivasanker’s gate, he was standing on the front verandah.

  1. Where, according to Sidda did the doctor live?

Ans.  Sidda vaughly said that the doctor lived in a bungalow near the market.

  1. Why had Sidda been sent away from the doctor’s house?

Ans. Sidda had been sent away from the doctor’s house as the doctor had already left the town.

19 . Whom did Mr. Sivasanker call when he could not decide about Sidda?

Ans. When Mr. Sivasanker could not decide about Sidda, he called his wife to for taking decision.

20 . What was Sidda given for his service in the household of Mr. Sivasanker?

Ans. Sidda was given two meals a day and four rupees a month for his service in Mr. Sivasanker’s house.


  1. What did Sidda claim when the ball came down?

Ans. When the ball came down, Sidda claimed that it had touched the moon.

22.Why, according to Sidda, should Leela be quick to see the traces of the moon?

Ans. Sidda told Leela that she should be quick to see the traces of the moon as it would evaporate and go back to the moon .

23 . When was Leela able to see the traces of the moon?

Ans. Leela could see the traces of the moon when Sidda allowed her to see through the gap in his fingers.

24 . What, according to Sidda, is there in the sky?

Ans. According to Sidda, there is Almighty God in the sky.

  1. Where did Leela and Sidda play with the red ball?

Ans. Leela and Sidda played in  front of the garden with the red ball.

  1. When did Leela scream in wonder?

Ans. Leela screamed in wonder when Sidda showed her the moon both in the front and the back of the house.

  1. When did Leela hold a class for Sidda?

Ans. Leela held a class for Sidda in the evening.

28 . What role did Leela play in the mock-class?

Ans. In the mock-class, Leela played the role of a teacher.

29 . What was Sidda asked to copy?

Ans. Ans. Sidda was asked to copy one or two letters of the alphabet and to draw pictures of a cat or crow.

  1. How did Sidda seek relief from Leela’s teaching?

Ans. Sidda sought relief from Leela by telling her that her mother was calling her for dinner.

31 . What stories were told to Leela at bedtime by Sidda?

Ans. At bedtime, Sidda told Leela many stories of animals, gods, magicians, and princes.

32 . What did Leela’s mother notice when Leela came back home with Sidda after buying sugar?

Ans. When Leela came back home with Sidda after buying sugar, Leela’s mother  suddenly noticed that Leela’s gold chain was missing.

33.What did Sidda reply when he was asked about the chain by Leela’s mother?

Ans. Sidda replied that he did not know anything about the chain when Leela’s mother asked him about it.

  1. What information about Sidda was given to Mr. Sivasanker by the police inspector?

Ans. The police inspector informed Mr. Sivasanker that Sidda was sent to jail about six times for stealing.

35.Where did Leela go with Sidda one evening?

Ans. One evening Leela went to market along with sidda.

36.What made the police inspector very angry?

Ans. The police inspector was very angry as Mr. Sivasanker. did not consult with him before engaging a servant.

37.Why was Leela’s mother panicky on the night of Sidda’s escape?

Ans. She was panicky as she was afraid that Sidda might come at anytime to loot in the house at night.

  1. Who first noticed that Leela’s gold chain was missing?

Ans. Leela’s mother at first noticed that the gold chain ,put on by Leela, was missing.

  1. How many times, according to the police inspector, was Sidda sent to jail?

Ans. According to the police inspector, Sidda was sent to Jail six times.


  1. Where was the tamarind pot kept in the house?

Ans. The tamarind pot was kept in the kitchen of the house.

41.How many days after his escape was Sidda brought into the house of Mr. Sivasanker?

Ans. Sidda was brought to Mr. Sivasanker’s house four days after his escape.

42.What did the police inspector observe humorously about Leela?

Ans. The police inspector humorously observed that Leela was not at all a reliable  prosecution witness.

43.What was the colour of the ball that Sidda and Leela played with?

Ans. Sidda and Leela played together with a red ball.

  1. Why was Sidda sent to jail half a dozen times?

Ans. Sidda was sent to six times for stealing ornaments from the children.

  1. What did Leela do when Sidda failed to copy the letter and drawings?

Ans. When Sidda failed to copy the letters and drawings ha Leela pitied him and redoubled her efforts to teach him again.

46 . Why did Leela refuse to go to bed?

Ans. Leela refused to go to bed as Sidda was not with her to tell her stories at bedtime.

47.How was the police inspector able to identify  Sidda?

Ans. The police inspector was able to identify Sidda from the description given by Mr. Sivasanker.

48.Who brought Sidda to the house of Mr. Sivasanker after his arrest?

Ans. A police inspector and a constable brought Sidda in the house of Mr. Sivasanker.

49.What story did Leela want to hear from her mother?

Ans. Leela wanted to hear the story of an elephant from her mother.

50 . Who refused to believe that Sidda was a thief?

Ans. It was Leela who refused to believe Sidda a thief.

51 . Why was Mr. Sivasanker hopeful that the police would be able to arrest Sidda very soon?

Ans. Mr. Sivasankar was hopeful that the police would be able to arrest Sidda very soon as they knew his haunts.

52.Where did the parents of Leela allow Sidda  to sleep in the house?

Ans. The parents of Leela allowed Sidda  to sleep  outside the house.

53.Why did Leela think that Sidda was angry with them?

Ans. Leela thought that Sidda was angry because her parents did not allow him to sleep inside the house.

54 . What did Leela complain about her mother for her behaviour to Sidda?

Ans. Leela complained that her mother was very rude to Sidda and she abused Sidda unnecessarily.

  1. What food did Leela ask for from her mother?

Ans. Leela asked for some sugar from her mother.

56.’I have asked it to follow us about’—What does ‘it’ refer to here?

Ans. Here ‘it’ refers to the moon.

  1. ‘They left the town, master’—Who are they’ here?

Ans. ‘They’ here refers to the family of a doctor.

58 . Why did the magicians in Sidda’s story conjure up?

Ans. The magicians in Sidda’s story conjured up golden castles and filled them with little princesses and their pets.

59.’Sidda knows the moon’ Who said this and whom?

Ans. Leela said this to her mother.

60.What was Sidda incapable of?

Ans. Sidda was utterly incapable of plying the pencil.

61.Why, according to Mr. Sivasanker, is it difficult?

Ans. According to Mr. Sivasanker, the persons who are jailed once or twice lose fear and so it is difficult to make them confess.

62.How did Sidda look at Leela when police were about to  take him back to jail?

Ans. when police were about to  take him back to jail, Sidda ’looked like a dumb animal to Leela. ‘She must have dropped it into the pot sometime’

63.What “pot’ is referred to here in this line?

Ans. The ‘pot’ refers to here the tamarind pot kept in Mrs. Sivasanker’s kitchen.

64.’I will tell the inspector tomorrow’-What would Sivasanker tell the Inspector?

Ans. Mr. Sivasanker would tell the Inspector that they had found the gold chain in the house.


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