The Lamb by William Blake Questions and Answers Marks 5

The Lamb by William Blake Questions and Answers Marks 5


1. Gave thee life, and bid thee feed, By the stream and o’er the mead ; …………..Making  all the vales rejoice?

Q. What enquiry does the little child make to the lamb? ​​​

This poetic passage is extracted from Blake’s The Lamb  (from Songs of Innocence), and forms a continuation of an innocent child’s enquiry to a little lamb. Seeing a little lamb, grazing innocently in a valley, he finds himself very close to it and enquires whether the lamb knows its Creator. He then goes to tell his little companion, lamb, how vanousły God has blessed it.

After interrogating the lamb about the Creator, the child goes to tell it His functions, done for its welfare. He has created the lamb and given it life. He has provided sustenance to it. The grassy meadow is open for its grazing and He has also taught him to eat this grass and drink the pure water of the stream. Furthermore the Creator is attentive to its protection against the rough and inclement weather by covering the surface of its body with soft, bright fleece. The Creator has also endowed the little lamb with an enchanting voice that is echoed all over the valley and serves to make this all wonderfully delightful.

Black has presented the complex issue of the Creator and the created with a stark simplicity, through the child’s innocent song. The child addresses and interrogates the lamb about its creation and assures it of the manifold blessings with which the Creator has arranged for the nourishment as well as protection of His little creation The child’s innocent faith and trust in God come out here sharply.


2.What replies does the child give to the lamb to his own enquiry?


The first stanza puts the question and the second, of course through the child, gives the answer. With his innocence and simplicity, the child asserts God’s harmonious interest in His creations, even in little elements, the lamb and he himself. The child knows the Biblical symbolization of the lamb as the manifestation of God to look after the pasturage. This is, of course, not knowledge, but the child’s plain belief in which the Creator is to him all quiet and timid. The child firmly believes that the kind Creator is nothing hard or cruel, but all loving and gentle and soft. The child, indeed, has the depth to feel the identification of the Creator with the little lamb and he himself. The child’s simple and innocent mind conceives God as one with His creations. He becomes the lamb as also the child as infant Jesus.

Blake’s child trikes here a plain note, but this is tinged with a deeply Christian faith and love. He speaks of the oneness of the Creator and the created through love and faith. What he perceives, with his child’s faith, no doubt, appears enough mystical to the adult mind. Simplicity and mysticism are finely synthesized by Blake to attain what is unique in this child’s song.


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The Lamb by William Blake Questions and Answers Marks 5 The Lamb by William Blake Questions and Answers Marks 5 The Lamb by William Blake Questions and Answers Marks 5

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