The Tyger by William Blake Questions and answers Marks 5

The Tyger by William Blake Questions and answers Marks 5


1. Q. What impression about the tiger does the poet create on the child?



Through a child’s wondering interrogation, the poet indicates here the mystic and majestic creation of God and comments particularly on the instruments used by Him (the God) in the making of the terrible creature, tiger.



The tiger is no lamb. In the child’s naive feeling, its creation requires the manifestation of God’s superme power and exertions. This fierce beast must have been made by means of the instruments that are rare and powerful. Through the innocent child’s romantic imagination, the poet asserts that the chain, the anvil, the hammer and the furnace which are employed in the creation of the tiger must be of a different stature and strength. The child wonders to know the nature of those instruments. Moreover, the poet finely suggests his feeling of astonishment at the strength of the hand that must have held those instruments and compress the dread of the tiger together. That must be something superme, unearthly and unimaginable in the Creator.



2. Q. What does Gray suggest of the mystery and majesty of God’s creation of the Tiger?



Through a little child’s innocent interrogations, the poet brings out the mystery and majesty of God’s creation. Here he refers to the strangeness of the creation of the tiger.



The tiger is a fierce and violent animal and altogether different from the lamb that is weak and innocent. The creation of this majestic and fierce animal tiger must be a matter of dread and wonder. The child imagines that, after the creation of the tiger, with all its strength and fierceness, the world of nature must have been shaken with terror. The stars must have moved and given out their soft beams and brought forth dewdrops. The very creation definitely struck awe all over. The child goes to question how did God react to His creation. Was not He Himself somewhat confounded at the effect of His creation? Indeed, it is strange that the maker of the timid innocent lamb could create such a dangerous and awful beast as the tiger.



The creation of the two opposite types of animals, the lamb and the tiger show the variety of His majestic creation. The lamb and the tiger, with totally contradicted features and tempers, have strangely come from the same master God whose creative art is all majestic and mysterious.



3. Tyger! Tyger! burning bright


In the forest of the night,

What immortal hand or eye,

Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Q. Explain the above lines.



This forms the concluding stanza of Blake’s child-song The Tyger. It is actually arepetition of the opening stanza. Blake’s child wonders here at the cretion of the tiger, a fierce and violent creature, and its mysterious and mighty Creator.



The child speaks of the tiger that causes wonder and terror to him. He goes to describe how dreadful it looks with its eyes that are sparkling powerfully. The child knows that the tiger lives in the dark, dense forest and imagines quite naturally how its brightly burning look pierces through the deep darkness of the forest. The child also wonders at the physical strength and the penetrative vision of the Creator of that ferocious animal, that had a stout and dreadful structure. In the child’s simple belief, the Creator must be possessed of the immense power of hands and vision to make such a balanced, majestic and awful creature.



This is a simple song of childhood, but bears a deeper note underneath its plain surface. Blake’s mystical symbolism in perceived in the expression ‘the forest of the night, that stands for the gloom of evils and wrongs. This requires some dreadful strength to tear it. This repetition of the stanza acts as a refrain to give the poem a song-like quality.



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