REPORT WRITING QUESTIONS ANSWERS FOR CLASS-IX,X,XII : This report writing with questions answers is going to help the students in their exams.This report writing is for class IX,X,XII.


A report is an account of an event or incident that has already taken place. It deals with some natural calamities, accidents; some events of political, social or economic interest and importance.






1.An appropriate heading is given to the report and it should be very short and will give an idea about the incident.


2 The name of the place and the date on which the report is sent are mentioned on the left under the heading.


3 The facts or incidents are arranged in their proper order. A Reporting is normally done in the past tense. The passive voice and indirect speech are always used.


 4.The language should be clear and simple and long sentences should be avoided.






  1. Write a report on the celebration of world environment day in your school this year. World Environment Day celebration in XYZ School.





—By a staff Reporter


Gobindatola, Bhagwangola June 5,2019: World Environment Day was celebrated with great pomp and splendour in Gobindatola B.N. pandey High school. The celebration started at 10 in the morning. The school compound was decorated with colourful papers and balloons. Students of all classes attended the programme. It started with the headmaster, Santosh Kumar Mandal, planting a tree in the garden of the school. He gave a speech on the importance of plantation of trees and the role of trees in the maintenance of ecological balance of nature. Subrata Ghosh, the chief guest graced the chair of the President. He addressed the assembled students with an inspiring speech. There was a short cultural programme by the school students. The show ended with a dance drama where the students put on costumes symbolizing different agents of nature and mother earth.



  1. Write a report on how you celebrated Teachers’ Day programme in your school.


Teachers’ Day celebration in Gobindatola B.N Pandey High school


By A staff reporter


Gobindatola, Bhagwangola, Sept. 6: Yesterday Teachers’ Day Celebration was organized with great honour in Gobindatola B.N pandey High school. Like earlier years, the school compound was beautifully decorated with ribbons and balloons by the school students. The classes were on but unlike other days, they were taken by the senior students only. A competition was arranged and the teachers judged three best students playing the role of teachers. After the tiffin, there was a cultural programme of song, dance and recitation. The headmaster of the school, Santosh Kumar Mandal, delivered speeches on the importance of the day.  Pradip Kumar Chowdhury, the President of the school, spoke on the history of the school and how they have been celebrating this day over the years. There was an arrangement of refreshments at the end of the show. The day passed off amid great fun and excitement.


  1. Recently your school organised a Magic Show. Write a report on it.



Magic show at Gobindatola B.N pandey High School

–By a staff Reporter


Gobindatola, Bhagwangola, April 1: A magic show was organised in our school auditorium last Saturday, March 28, to amass funds for a blood donation camp to add a mite to the growing demands in the Blood Banks of the state. A notice was served for students to buy tickets of Rs 50 each in advance. Together with my parents and younger brother we entered the packed up auditorium and kept waiting expectantly for the show. Just at 2 p.m., wearing a gaudy apparel, the magician appeared on the dais and started a laser show of dancing dolls. Next followed the balance show, juggling ball, tricks with cards, fire and vanishing himself from the dais. Lastly, he cut his own daughter into two halves, but to the greatest surprise of all, she walked up from among the spectators. The awe-striking feats ended at 3-30 p.m. and we came home elated.



  1. Write a report on a school’s Annual Prize Distribution on the basis of the following points.


Points: Ceremony held on 5th March, annual sports day – great enthusiasm – beginning song – nicely decoration of stage – present chief guest – delivered speech on importance of co-curricular activities – stage dance – concluded with national anthem .


Annual prize distribution ceremony in Gobindatola B.N Pandey High school


—-  By a staff Reporter


Gobindatola, Bhagwangola ,March 5: Yesterday Gobindatola B.N.pandey High School celebrated its annual prize distribution ceremony with great enthusiasm. It was the annual sports day where students were awarded for their merits in academics and sports. The programme was held on March 5 at 2 p.m. in the school auditorium. The programme started with a chorus song. The auditorium was decorated with colourful papers and flowers. Apart from the students and their parents many distinguished guests including the BDO  attended the programme. Mr B Chowdhury, the member of the area, presided over the ceremony. Guests and dignitaries delivered speeches to inspire the students to do better in academics and also in co-curricular activities. There was a delightful dance drama staged by the students of class 9. The show came to a close with our national anthem being sung by everyone present.



  1.  Write a report on the farewell of a teacher. Use the following points.


Points: A teacher retired from service sorrowful moment – attend last class – told life story taught Arabic very carefully became an icon to every student gave taught speeches Beloved Bardul Haque retires from School.


Beloved Bardul Haque retires from School.

—By a Staff Reporter


Gobindatola, Bhagwangola,May. 27: Yesterday our dearest sir Badrul Haque retired from our school after 37 long years of continuous service. A mood of deep sorrow prevailed among the students of all classes when Badrul sir came to the school for the last time. There was no class on that day. All of us gathered in the school auditorium to attend the last class of our most beloved Arabic teacher. Sir came in his usual calm and genteel way and shared his life stories. We came to know about the first class he took 37 years back and how he passed his career in our school. He gave us very important lessons of life that will guide us for the days to come.

It was Badrul Haque who helped us get over the fear of Arabic. The atmosphere became somber when he ended his farewell speech. So many students started wiping their eyes. Our headmistress also gave a touching speech acknowledging the contribution of Bardul Haque who made a stage inside our school. From tomorrow our school won’t be the same without him.


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