1.’Sidda, come and play!’-Who is the speaker? What would Sidda do when he listened to this call?
What kind of games did the speaker play?
[1 + 1 + 3 = 5]

Ans. The Speaker is Leela, the five-year-old daughter of Mr. Sivasankar..

Sidda had to drop any work he might be doing and run to Leela. Sidda’s company made Leela extremely happy.Leela flung the red ball at Sidda and he flung it back. When Leela told Sidda to flung the ball into the sky, Sidda gripped the ball, closed his eyes, and flung the ball up. When it came down, Sidda told Leela  that it had touched the moon. He tried to show her a little bit of the moon stuck to the ball. He also made  Leela happy by saying that he is familiar with the moon.

2 .’In any case, we could not have kept a criminal like him in the house’-Who is the speaker mentioned here? Who is the ‘criminal’ referred to here? What made the speaker to utter such a comment?[1+1+3=5]

Ans. The speaker here is Mr. Sivasanker.

The criminal referred to here is Sidda, the servant boy of their house.

One day Leela’s gold chain was found missing after she returned from the market. She accompanied Sidda there. As Sidda ran away from their house, Mr. Sivasanker’s wife thought that he had stolen it. He lodged a  complaint  to the police station and got to know from the police that he was a criminal. Sidda was arrested but did not confess his crime. However, a few days later, Leela’s mother found the chain in the tamarind pot. After this, Mrs. Sivasanker came to know from Mr. Sivasanker  what he would like to do regarding Sidda. Then,Mr. Sivasanker made the above remarks.

3.‘He looked at her mutely, like an animal’—Who looked at and to whom? What was the situation when this occurred? [2 + 3 = 5]

Ans. Sidda, the servant in the household of Mr. Sivasanker, looked at Leela, the daughter of Mr. Sivasanker.

The situation occurred when absconding Sidda was brought into the house of Mr. Sivasanker four days after he had ran away away from the house. One evening, Leela had gone to market along with Sidda. When she returned, her mother suddenly noticed that her gold chain was not with her.

After this Sidda ran away from the house. But he was arrested. He did not admit that he had taken the chain. The police took him back to jail. At that time of his going back to jail, Sidda looked mutely  like an animal.

4.How did Leela try to make Sidda write? What ball was the result? [3 + 2 = 5]

Ans. Every evening Leela held a mock class for Sidda. She played the role of the teacher. She asked Sidda to copy one or two letters of the alphabet or to draw of a cat or crow with the stump of a pencil on the pages of a catalogue. What She wrote on the catalogue , Sidda had to imitate it.

Sidda was unable to ply a pencil as his wrist was stiff and inflexible. When Sidda failed to copy it, Leela rebuked him and redoubled her effort to teach him. It was very painful for Sidda. He sought relief by telling Leela that her mother was perhaps calling her for dinner. This is how, the class came to an end.

5.’You see here a little bit of moon sticking’- Who is the speaker? Where is the little bit of moon Mr. sticking? How did the moon- episode  stat and come to an end? [1 + 1 + 3 = 5]


Ans. The speaker here is Sidda, the servant in the household of Mr. Sivasanker.

Sidda is of the opinion that the little bit of moon is with  the red ball with which he plays with Leela.

Leela asked Sidda to throw the ball in the sky. When the ball  descended, he told that the ball had touched the moon .

6.’I have asked it to follow us about’ -Who is the speaker? What does “it’ refer to? How does the speaker prove that “it” is following his instruction? [1 + 1 + 3 = 5]

Ans. The speaker here is Sidda. He said this to Leela.

‘It here refers to the moon.

Leela and Sidda were playing with the red ball in the front garden. Then Sidda told Leela that he would like to show her something nice. They were standing near the rose  plant and Sidda then showed Leela the moon in the sky.

After this, he took her to the backyard and pointed up the moon at the back of the house. Leela was surprised to see the moon both in the front of her house and at the back. Then, Sidda told Leela that he had instructed the moon to follow them.

  1. ‘Leela’s mother noticed that a gold chain Leela had been wearing was missing’—When did Leela’s mother notice it? What measures were did taken to recover the gold chain and how was it recovered?[2 + 3 = 5]


Ans. One evening Leela went to buy sugar with Sidda in the market. When she came back, Leela’s mother noticed that the gold chain she had been wearing was missing.

Leela’s mother asked her about it. But Leela could not tell anything about it. Then, Leela’s mother slapped her angrily. She asked Sidda about it but he replied that he did not know about it. Later Sidda ran away from the house and it was guessed that he had stolen it.  when  Sidda was arrested, he did not admit that he had stolen it.

However, a few days later, Leela’s mother discovered the missing gold chain inside the tamarind pot in the kitchen.

  1. Justify the title of the story ‘Leela’s Friend’.

Ans. R.K. Narayan’s story ‘Leela’s Friend’ relates the friendship of a poor lower class child-labour, working as a servant and with a five-year-old little girl named Leela. The boy named Sidda is exploited  and always is suspended by the family members. Sidda has no friend in this aristocratic society except Leela, who feels happy in his company. Finally, Sidda is arrested for stealing gold chain which he was never done by him. But only Leela knows him and supports him. As a title clearly shows the beautiful understandable relationship between Leela and sidda So , it  is appropriate and significant.

9.’She pitied him and redoubled her efforts to at the Ada as teach him’— Who is referred to in this line? When did she pity him? What was the effect of zen in redoubling her effort? [1 + 2 + 2 = 5]

Ans. Leela, the five-year-old daughter of Mr. Sivasanker and Sidda, the servant in their household is referred to here to this line.

Leela held a mock class for Sidda in the evening. She played the role of a teacher and asked him to copy the letters of the alphabet or to draw a cat or crow. She pitied him when Sidda failed to copy it.

Leela redoubled her effort to teach Sidda but Sidda had a stiff and inflexible wrist and he felt pain in his wrist when Leela forced him to try it. For Seeking relief from the clutches of Leela, he told her falsely that her mother was perhaps calling her for dinner. As Leela left the room,  the class was over.

10.How did Sidda make Leela supremely happy with her company?

Ans. Leela, a small girl of five found an ideal friend in Sidda, who was patient and imaginative enough to entertain the little girl. They used to play with a red ball in the garden. Sidda used to entertain her by telling her imaginary accounts of the ball’s touching the moon or touching the sky by standing on a coconut tree or his familiarity with the moon. In the evening, Leela found pleasure by teaching Sidda. At bedtime, Sidda had to be ready with wonderful stories. Leela wanted to have the company of Sidda for all day long. She felt supremely happy in his company.

11.’Leela felt disgusted with the whole business’ -Describe the business in brief.

Ans. Four days after his escape from the house of Mr. Sivasanker, Sidda was brought into the house by a police inspector and a constable. Leela was overjoyed to see him and ran to meet him. But the police inspector stopped her from meeting him. Then Mr. and Mrs. Sivasanker spoke to Sidda and advised him to confess his crime. Sidda told that he had not taken the chain. But everyone, including the police inspector, pressed him to give back the chain. Leela was angry and disgusted with their treatment of her friend. This incident is referred to as a business here.

12.What a devil you must be to steal a thing from such an innocent child’—Who said this? About whom is this said? In what context was this said? [1 + 1 + 3 =5 ]

Ans. The police inspector who brought Sidda in the house of Mr. Sivasanker said this.

This was said about Sidda.

When police brought Sidda  home, Leela was very happy to see him. But when she went to meet him the inspector stopped her by saying that he was a thief and he had stolen her gold chain. But Leela did not find anything wrong in Sidda’s being a thief. At this, the police inspector called Sidda a devil who could cheat such an innocent child like Leela.

13.Don’t send him away. Let’ss keep him in our house—-Who is the speaker and to whom is  it said? About whom is it Spoken? How was the reaction of the person or persons ?  [1 + 1 + 1 + 2 =5]


Ans. The speaker here is Leela, the five-year-old daughter of Mr.

She says this to her father Mr. Sivasanker.

This is said about Sidda, who came to seek a job in Mr. Sivasanker’s house.

When Sidda came to seek the job of a servant, Mr. Sivasanker examined him thoroughly. But he could not decide anything. He called his wife, who was also unable to decide. But Both of them accepted Leela’s approval for Sidda . Sidda was engaged as a servant in the house.


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