1.What garments did the city wear?

Ans. The city wore the garments of the beauty of the morning.

2.What does the poet observe closely from the Westminster Bridge?

Ans. The poet observes the beauty of the morning scene of London city from the Westminster Bridge.

3 Why is the city of London silent and bare?

Ans. The city of London is silent and bare because the surrounding is calm and quiet and free from smoke and pollution in the early morning.

4 .Which city, according to Wordsworth, is the fairest one?

Ans. According to Wordsworth, the city of London is considered to be the fairest one in the world.

5 How does Wordsworth narrate the beauty of the morning?

Ans. Wordsworth narrates the beauty of the morning as silent and bare.

6.When did the poet see the city ?

Ans. The poet saw the city in the early morning standing upon the Westminster bridge.

7.‘Dear God! —What feeling does the expression means here?

Ans. The expression means here the feeling of wonder of the poet.

8 .‘ Earth hasn’t anything to show more fair’
What makes the poet to say so?

Ans. The morning beauty viewed from the Westminster Bridge prompts the poet to say so.

9.What is the feeling that Wordsworth experiences which he has never experienced before?

Ans. Wordsworth has never experienced a calmness in his heart before.

  1. How does Wordsworth describe the air in the city?

Ans. Wordsworth describes the air in the city of London as smokeless.

11 What is described as the garment of the city in the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’?

Ans. The silent and smokel beauty of the morning is described as the garment of the city.

  1. Which city does the poet mention in the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge”?

Ans. The poet mentions to the city of London in the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’.

  1. How does the river flow in the poem ‘Upon der Westminster Bridge’?

Ans. The river flows at its own sweet accord.

  1. Who wrote ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’?

Ans. William Wordsworth , the romantic poet ,wrote ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’.

15 What kind of poem is ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’?

Ans. ‘Upon Westminster Bridge is a petrarchan sonnet, written by the romantic poet William Wordsworth.

16 .Which rhyme scheme does Wordsworth follow in the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge?

Ans. The rhyme scheme that Wordsworth follows in ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’ is abbaabba cdcdcd.

17 What are the two parts of the poem?

Ans. The two parts of the poem are octave comprising of eight lines and sestet comprising of six lines.

  1. What does the poet depict in the poem?

Ans. The poet depicts the scenic beauty of the early morning in the poem.

  1. Whom does the poet consider ‘dull of soul”?

Ans. Wordsworth considers the person who can pass by the heavenly sight of London in the morning dull of soul.

20.What does the ‘first splendour’ refer to?

Ans. The expression ‘first splendour’ refers to the rising of the Sun.

. 21. Why is the beauty of the morning compared to a garment?

Ans. The beauty of the morning is compared to a garment as it covers the city in such a way just like a dress covers the body.

23 What are seen on the river Thames by the poet?

Ans. Ships are seen on the river Thames by the poet.

24 What things lie open unto the distant field?

Ans. Ships, towers, domes theatres and temples lie open unto the fields.

25 What tempted the poet to exclaim ‘Dear God!

Ans. The feeling of joy and satisfaction of the divine beauty of the early morning tempted the poet to thank God for allowing him to visualize such a beautiful scene.


26.Why do the towers, domes, theatres and temples turn up bright and glittering?

Ans. The towers, domes, theatres, temples turn up bright and glittering as the air is smokeless.

27 Never did sun …’ -What according to
Wordsworth had the sun never done before?

Ans. According to Wordsworth, the sun had not ever steeped valley, rock or hill with its first splendour more magnificently.

28 From where did the poet observe the beauty of

Ans. The poet observed the beauty of London standing upon the Westminster bridge.

29 What does the expression ‘mighty heart’ stand for?

Ans. The expression ‘mighty heart’ stands for the heart of the city of London.

30 How do the houses of the city of London appear to the poet?

Ans. The people of London appear to be asleep to the poet.

31 What did the poet never feel before?

Ans. The poet did never feel so deep calm in his heart before.

32 ‘I, never felt, a calm so deep!’ Why does the
poet feel so?

Ans. The calmness prevailing in London at the dawn is something unparalleled to the poet. So, the poet has felt so.

33 What, according to the poet is lying still in the morning?

Ans. According to the poet, the people of London are lying still.

34 How did the poet describe the sunrise in London?
Ans. The poet described the rising of the Sun in London as the most beautiful sight on the earth.

  1. What is the city compared with in the last line of the poem?

Ans. The city is compared with a Giant in the last linof the poem.


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