1 . What was the boy’s name ?

The boy’s name was Jon.

2 .What did Jon want to be?

Jon wanted to be a sailor.

3. What was the profession of Jon’s father ?

Jon’s father was a farmer.

4 . What did he realise as a farmer’s son ?

Being a farmer’s son, he knew the turn of the seasons and the smell of the soil, but he did not know the sea.

5 . How did Jon react to the prohibition of his mother ?

Jon on hearing his mother’s prohibition went about his farm work with a heavy heart but did not again mention the sea.

6.  Where was the tiny green turtle ?

Ans. The tiny green turtle was on a clod of dirt.

7. Where did the boy set the turtle ?

The boy set the turtle on his head.

8 . Why did Jon think that the turtle could be safe on his head ?

Since Jon was ploughing the land, putting the turtle on the ground was not safe for it could have been easily run over by his plough. So he placed it on his head as he knew it would be safe there.

9 .  What surprising thing happened when Jon plucked the turtle from his head?

Ans. Jon was surprised to find that the tiny green turtle had turned into a tiny green fairy man.

10 . What did the fairy man want to do for Jon ?

The fairy man wanted to grant whatever Jon’s heart desired.

11. Did Jon say what his heart yearned for ?

Ans. No, Jon did not express what his heart yearned for.

12 . How did the fairy man come to know what Jon desired ?

The green fairy man could read a heart very easily so it was not difficult for him to know Jon’s desire.

13 . Why did the fairyman give Jon the wind cap as a reward ?

Ans. The fairy man offered Jon the wind cap because he was thankful to Jon for his kindness.

14 . What was the condition of the wind cap ?

The condition was that no human hand will ever be able to take it off from Jon’s head.

15. Why was Jon popular with the sailors ?

Jon became popular with the sailors because it was wind that the sailors called for and Jon could supply wind, as desired.

16 . What did the fairy man give to the boy ?

Ans. The fairy man gave a different kind of cap to the boy which the kind sailors desire the most.

17 .  How much time did the fairy man wait ?

Ans . The fairy man disappeared with a blink of an eye leaving the cap behind.

18 . How did the cap look ?

The cap was a striped one.

19 .  What did the boy’s mother say seeing the cap?

Ans. The boy’s mother said that no good would come of the wind cap.

20 . What was the boy’s request to the captain of the ship ?

Ans. The boy requested the captain of the ship to take him along on a sea voyage.

21 . Why was the cap both good and bad ?

Ans. The cap was bad because Jon could neither take it off before his captain nor at bedtime. It was good because he could neither lose the cap nor could it be stolen from him.

22.  How could Jon summon wind from all direction?

Ans. By twisting the cap Jon could summon the east wind and the west wind as well as call both the north and south wind.

23 . What desire grew in the boy’s heart one day ?

One day, in the boy’s heart grew a strong desire to see the land.

24 . What was Jon’s request to the captain one day?

One day, Jon begged the captain of the ship to let him go ashore, just for one day.

25 . Where did the ship stand ? What was Jon doing then?

The ship stood offshore from the boy’s old farm. The boy lay fast asleep and started to dream again.

26 . What did the squall become when the sailors pulled and twisted the cap ?

Ans. The squall transformed into a storm, when the sailors pulled and twisted the cap.

27. Why did the captain order his men to bring Jon before him ?

Ans. The sailors tried to rip off Jon’s cap. So his cap twisted round and about and the squall became a storm. Therefore the captain ordered his men to bring Jon before him.

28 . How did the storm stop ?

As Jon went under the waves the cap came off his head and soon the storm stopped.

29 . Where did the boy place his wind cap ?

The boy placed his wind cap under a stone where he knew the fairy man would find it.

30 . How did the boy spend the rest of his life?

For the rest of his life, he spent half the year on a ship and half on the shore.

31 .  What did the boy own at last ?

At last the boy owned his own boat and a hundred acre farm land.

32 .  in what name did he come to be known thereafter?

Thereafter he came to be known as ‘Captain Turtle’.



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