Write a Letter to the Editor of an English daily complaining about the reckless driving on the roads.



The Editor,

The Telegraph



                            Sub: About the reckless driving on the roads.




        I shall be highly obliged if you kindly allow me a little space in your popular daily to express my views about reckless driving on the roads.


         In India, there are countless vehicles on the roads. From the newspaper, we get to know that many passengers and pedestrians die in accidents for reckless driving on the roads. Young drivers do not follow the traffic rules. They always try to overtake one another. Then, they lose control over their vehicles such as bikes, buses, lorries, etc and meet with accidents.


            Therefore, I hope that you would kindly publish our deep and serious concern over the matter mentioned above in your popular English daily and draw the attention of the government for taking some effective steps against it.


    Thanking you,                                                                                                                         yours sincerely, 

   Jiaganj, Murshidabad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Samiran Das

  Date: 06/06/2021.                                    








2. Indiscriminate use of microphones.


         Nowadays, the reckless use of microphones has become almost a custom in our social life. It is used in marriage ceremonies, religious festivals, Street corners, meetings, picnics, etc. The users of microphones sometimes go to such an extent that they have lost their civic sense. Students and the examiners cannot concentrate on their studies are revise their studies before the exam. The patients are sometimes become victims of psychological imbalance. The users know very well the orders of the high court about the restriction of sound limitations. Yet they always violate the rules.



 3. Nuisance of bursting crackers during festivals particularly during Kali Puja.


      We are all aware that sound pollution is responsible for deafness and psychological imbalance. We often see that young boys and people brust crackers  during festivals particularly during the Kali Puja for hours together by people to express their various feelings and emotions of joy. While brushing crackers indiscriminately, they forget that the children and the aged people cannot tolerate the sound at all. people with heart problems suffer the most. Even babies are affected by people who burst crackers.



 4.  Inconvenience caused by frequent load shedding in your locality.


      Every day in our locality, frequent power cuts for long hours have raised many problems due to the load shedding.  Frequent load shedding affects water supply  and the taps in houses run dry. At nightfall, people face greater problems. Doing household activities in the light from a candle or lamp become utterly intolerable. People sweat badly as electric fans stop moving. The students especially those who are examiners are most sufferers.



 5. Complaining against Anti-social activities in your locality.



       For a few months Anti-social activities are increasing in our locality there is hardly any day which passes without the accident of kidnapping, murder, theft, robbery, etc. The locality is entirely in the grip of hooligans. A couple of days ago, a group of robbers broke into the house of a renowned businessman and took away all the valuable things from his house at gunpoint. The incident has created a great panic among the people here. They do not open their mouths for fear of losing their lives. Girls do not dare to come out in the evening alone. We have already lodged many complaints with the local police but they are careless regarding our complaints.



 6. Dengue


       There has been an outbreak of dengue recently in our locality. Many are now down with dengue and the number is increasing rapidly day by day. The open drainage system, stagnant water in the lower areas, and the heap of garbage have made our locality an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. we have appealed to our civic chief repeatedly but the authority has turned a deaf ear to our request.


 7.  Plastic bags and Cups


     We live in the age of science. we enjoy many blessings of science in our daily life but sometimes many like plastic bags and cups of these blessings cause hamper to our environment.  we use plastic bags and cups regularly on many occasions like marriage ceremonies, picnics,  Birthday parties, festivals, etc. We use plastic bags and cups and throw them into drains, ponds, and fields. So,  the water of the drains and ponds is polluted.  The fields become barren.  Poisonous gas is produced if we burn plastic bags and cups. so, these are gradually destroying our Earth.


 8. Irregular clearance of garbage.


       We are the residents of Debipur under Jiaganj Azimganj Municipality. about 6 months, the residents of our locality have been suffering a lot due to the negligence of municipal authorities. The garbage in our locality is dumped by the side of the road and it is regret to say that it is hardly cleared. The garbage emits a foul smell which is very harmful to the residents. The mosquitoes and flies are increasing many diseases among the residents.


 9.  High price of essential commodities.


        The high price of essential commodities has increased the misery of the common people. It is a great matter of concern for the people who belong to the poor or lower-middle classes.

The price of rice, potatoes, onions, groceries, vegetables, fish, meat, clothes, medicines, petrol, diesel, etc is increasing day by day. We have seen the higher price of onion during the lockdown. Especially the price of medicines and baby foods adds misery to the lower middle class and the poor people.Therefore, The daily earners like laborers, Masons, fishmonger, rishkaw puller, etc are the worst sufferers.



10. Bad condition of the local hospital

      The condition of our local hospital is truly pathetic. We often see that the outdoor patients would have to wait for a long time. Doctors are irregular as they are busy with their private chambers or  Nursing Homes. The behaviour of the nurses towards the patients is very rude and inhuman. Poor quality of food is served to the patients. Sometimes dogs are seen scattering in the hospital. We can fearlessly say that an unhygienic atmosphere prevails in the hospital.




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