Good Times Bad Times


Good Times Bad Times

                                                         — Brojen Das


Good Times Bad Times: Hey; Do you want to be happy in your life? Do you want to lead a happy perfect life? I think all of you want it at any cost as it is the supreme aim in our life to spend a happy and carefree life.

If you think to be happy and you are always in quest of happiness, I would rather say that you should stop this sort of bullshit thinking. To be honest with you, you will never be happy forever. you must have to accept the naked reality which is sadness. You may be happy on Sunday, Tuesday, and Maximum Wednesday but you have to be sad on the rest of the days in a week.

In our everyday life, we keep on doing or thinking something so that we may get our most desert things through which we can be happy. Here reverse happens — For our excessive greed, we are thrown away into the desert of sadness.

We always desire good times and try our best to avoid hard times. Here come the questions—– why we want to be happy with our happiness always? why are We not happy with our sadness?

Let’s think deeply; have you ever thought about what your good time ultimately brings for you? —— it brings few transitory happy moments which ultimately make you blind to see the real world; to perceive the society and it also makes you a perfect romantic fool.

 Although hard or bad times can not bring any happiness for you, it can give you the real picture of the people of the society where you are in.  It can establish you as an experienced person .your bad days will give you huge experiences. It will make you differentiate between who are your genuine friends and fake ones.

Good times indeed give us some most important pleasant moments which we would always like to cherish in our hearts. But bad times make you practical, experienced and a lone warrior who has to fight alone throughout his whole life with all the odds and obstacles in his everyday life.

So, when bad times come in your life, please don’t abuse it; don’t curse it,  but please accept it as it is your real genuine well-wisher.




Good Times Bad Times

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