Corona virus pandemic related Writing Paragraph, Letter, Processing, Editor

Corona virus pandemic related Writing Paragraph, Letter, Processing, Editor


1. Write a paragraph on “Impact of Covid-19 on education.



          With the outbreak of the Covid-19 in Wuhan China in December 2019, the world was exposed to a powerful virus attack for a century. India was first introduced on Covid-19 in January . Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the country’s complete lock-down on March 23, 2020. Tourism, business, education, and other things became standstill for an uncertain period of time. Gradually, online classes are being organized in schools and colleges started resuming the educational process.

Although it worked well for students living in big cities and towns but students in rural areas with the bad network, could not benefit from this effort. Important tests were not scheduled in time and were postponed or suspended. In West Bengal, the The Higher secondary Examination for 2020 could not be finalized according to the announced schedule. Students eagerly await their regular classes for fear of facing an uncertain future.


2. Write a paragraph on “Benefits of Practising Yoga in Covid-19 Pandemic”.



Yoga is a traditional Indian technique that the world loves. It provides us physical as well as mental strength. Yoga incorporates a unique shape to ensure the proper functioning of the human organs and helps to improve concentration. In this epidemic, practicing yoga can be very helpful. The “Asanas”  enhances our immunity and helps fight the disease with strong mental and physical health. Yoga regulates the flow of blood and air to our body cells and muscles and thereby builds resilience.

Yoga does not involve strenuous physical activity and is not time consuming. Therefore, even the busiest person can find time to practice yoga. The earth acknowledges its great healing power. People often say that there are almost 13th kinds of yoga like Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga etc. Among these, we only need to practice a few simple types for the benefit of the body and mind. In the current context of stress and hardship, yoga can be a welcome help for all.


3. Write a paragraph on “Computers Vs. Books in the Epidemic ”.



The war between books and computers began in the late 20th century, but by the 21st century it has reached its zenith. Now, of course, it’s a war of survival. In the past, books were less expensive and people could afford to read the textbook of their choice. But now-a-days, books are expensive and people have less time to save. Naturally, the computer as a source of ready-made information, has gained popularity. Moreover, in the unfortunate situation, online education has emerged as one of the classroom learning methods and therefore, students are forced to sit in front of computers for the purpose of the future.

Naturally, they find it easier to gather only the necessary information instead of reading the chapter and then gathering the general information. This, of course, is not a good sign of education. The computer will never provide the pleasure of reading a book. It does not recommend our command in language and vocabulary. Computers can save time and energy but the instantaneous information obtained from this device cannot enhance the outlook on life. It is true that computers are very important in this current epidemic but books will not lose their value forever. Let’s hope, in a world without Covid-19, books will emerge as the best source of information and education for human well-being.

4. Compose a paragraph on Merits and Demerits of Online Education.


Merits and Demerits of Online Education.

Online education has become the only substitute for classroom education in the current context of Covid-19. Unfortunately, the system does not have the qualifications to report. Without allowing for flexible hours and scope of home stay, online education cannot help the student much. Other than that, remote locations that do not have an internet connection to date, cannot use scientific advantage. Online education incurs different internet costs and poor families cannot afford to pay for it with a phone or computer. This creates social prejudice.

This approach does not have a happy educational atmosphere through sharing, participation and communication between teachers and students. This process is confusing as students often play the role of silent listeners while the teacher delivers the talk. For children under the age of twelve, online education is more harmful than it could be. It damages the eyes, ears and brain by looking at the glowing screen of a mobile phone or computer for long periods of time and using earphones and headphones to detect sound. Finally, online education does not offer a great deal of judgment on student progress and performance.


5. Write a letter to your friend about how you were doing with your studies in a pandemic situation last year.



My dear Raj,


I hope you are alive and your family members are healthy. We are still going through a crisis because of this epidemic. It is very difficult to have a safe life from this disease. Our education has also been severely disrupted by the epidemic. No regular classes were held almost the entire year ago. It was uncertain whether the annual exam would be held at all. But we had to be ready. I have been attending all the online classes run by our school. Other than that, I was studying the lessons and keeping the process done by myself. My parents have also been very supportive in my study. I also took online help.

How have you prepared? Write to me soon and let me know about your studies in that critical situation. It is no more today. Take care of yourself. Pay my respects to your parents.

RAJ  DAS                                                                                                                      Yours ever,
C/O – Kamal Das                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Samiran Das
Vill- Gobindatola


6. Write a letter to your head of your institution asking him/her to arrange special online classes before the Madhyamik exam especially for mediocre students.


The Headmaster


Gobindatola , Dalelpara

Murshidabad , 742113

Sub: Appeal for arranging special online classes.


I am a Class X student at your school. I will appear in the upcoming Madyamik Exam. But because of the Corona virus, we were deprived of regular studies last year. It caused great damage to our studies. Although classes were held online, we could not understand all the subjects. In particular, mediocre students suffer greatly.

Therefore, on behalf of all students I urge you to arrange special online classes before the Madhyamik exams especially for uneducated students. If you look at my complaint we will all thank you.


Thanking you.                                                                                                                                                          yours obediently,

Vill-Dalelpara.                                                                                                                                                              Surajit Das

G.B.P.H.S(H.S).                                                                                                                                                            Class-IX

Date:26.04.2021.                                                                                                                                                       Sec-A, Roll-01



07. Write a letter to the Editor of an English Daily expressing your concern over the continuing spread of Covid-19 infection and the lack of awareness among the public.



The Editor,

The Telegraph


Sub:Continuing spread of Covid-19 infection and lack of awareness’


        I shall be highly obliged if you kindly allow me a little space in your popular daily to express my views about the Continuing spread of Covid-19 infection and lack of awareness’


The whole world has been passing through an epidemic caused by a highly contagious corona virus. It’s been a year and we don’t know when the world will come out of this accident. There are still thousands of cases of corona infection worldwide. There is no vaccine available on the market right now for the general public. It is a state of great anxiety.

People are worried about their safety as they have to go out to survive. But half of the population lacks safe awareness in this situation. Most people go out without wearing a mask. They don’t keep a distance in public places too.If everyone did not know about these things, the plague would not go away.

            Therefore, I hope that you would kindly publish our deep and serious concern over the matter mentioned above in your popular English daily and draw the attention of the government for taking some effective steps against it.


Thanking you,                                                                                                         yours sincerely, 

   Jiaganj, Murshidabad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Samiran Das

  Date: 02/06/2021.   


8. Write a Paragraph on how to avoid corona virus infection.



There are a few simple steps to take to prevent Corona infection. Hands should be washed properly with soap and water. A person should avoid touching his face, mouth, and nose. Maintaining isolation from all people is very much needed. When you leave the house one can not forget to wear a mask. 75% alcohol detergent should be used for hand washing, door handles, tables, furniture etc etc. to prevent contamination.

Respiratory hygiene should be maintained. In the event that a person suffers from a mild fever and coughs, the person should separate, at home. If you have a high fever, cough, difficulty breathing, it is advisable to seek medical attention. The doctor’s advice should be strictly followed to protect themselves from any complications.


9. write a dialogue between two friends who met after a long time as schools were closed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Subha: Hello, Ritam! How are you

Ritam: What a wonderful surprise! I’m fine. What about you?

Subha: I’m fine too. After a long time we meet again!

Ritam: Yes, it is a long time. I miss you very much.

Subha: I miss you too. I actually remember school days, class, playground

Ritam: You’re right. I miss the games so much during the tiffin break. It is very frustrating to be locked up for a long time without going to school.

Subha: Yes, I miss the English class very much a lot. I hope this epidemic will end soon and normal life will end come back.

Rule: No one knows when that day will come. I’m looking forward to it too that day with longing.

Subha: I hope that day comes soon and we will be able to see all your classmates and play together.

Ritam: Let’s hope for the best. OK bye. I have to go now.

Subha: OK. Bye Bye.


10. Write a dialogue between two students about the loss of jobs by many people as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

Ishita: Hello, Brishti! Please log in.

Brother: Thank you. I came to you for a special reason.

Ishita: Don’t hesitate. How can I help you?

Brishti: I need an English Grammar book. If you lend me a book for two days it will be very helpful. shita: Oh, yes. You can take it. What’s going on? You look depressed.

Brushti: Yes. Our family is in dire straits.

Ishita: Why? What’s going on?

Brother: We are facing a huge financial crisis because my father lost his function.

Ishita: I’m so sorry to know you. It’s a community problem now-days. Because of the locks of many people everywhere the world has lost its jobs.

Brushti: My father is one of them. He now runs a small sewage treatment plant naski.

Ishita: Don’t worry. Everything will be okay in the near future. Before that, don’t hesitate to tell me if you need to anything else.

Brushti: All right. Thank you very much.


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