As you Like It Questions and Answers

As you Like It Questions and Answers


1 .How did Rosalind win Orlando’s heart?


Ans. Rosalind first met Orlando in the wrestling match in which Orlando fought with an experienced wrestler named Charles. Rosalind felt pity for the young man who had none to look after in the whole world.

Though she tried to dissuade him from the unequal fight Orlando fought bravely. He won the match. Then Rosalind took out the chain from her neck. She gave it to Orlando in recognition of his prowess and success. With this gesture, along with her sweet words and sympathetic behaviour Rosalind had been able to win the heart of lonely and neglected youth of Orlando.


How did old Adam prove his loyalty towards  his master?


Ans. Adam was the loyal servant of Sir Rowland de Boys. He had a soft corner for Orlando, the younger son of his master. Adam liked him for his gentle behaviour and goodness and also for his resemblance to his old master. So when he came to know that his elder brother Oliver was plotting to kill him by burning him he at once came to him. He advised him to flee away from the place.

When Orlando told him that he had no money with him, he offered him his life’s saving of five hundred gold crowns without any hesitation. He also accompanied him in his journey towards the forest of Arden, In this way he showed his loyalty towards his master.

How was the banished Duke’s life in the Forest of Arden ?


Ans. In the forest of Arden, the banished Duke lived a free and peaceful life. He was very close to his followers and friendly with them. He lived like Robin Hood. They took rest under the big trees. They liked to see the deer in a playful mood. They did not like to kill them. The banished duke learnt his lessons from Nature.

For example, he found the chilling wind as his true counsellor that told about one’s true condition. In this way, he found languages in trees, books in a flowing stream, sermons in stones and goodness in everything. He supported all helpless men like Orlando who had no shelter.


Who were the two participants in the wrestling match? Whom did Celia and Rosalind try to dissuade? What was the result? [2 + 1 + 2 = 5 ]


Ans. The two participants in the wrestling match were Orlando and Charles, an experienced wrestler.

Celia and Rosalind tried to dissuade Orlando from the wrestling match. They thought that it would be an unequal match.

Though Rosalind and Celia requested Orlando not to take part in the wrestling match, he became quite resolute to take part in it. He argued that he would not feel ashamed if he was defeated by his antagonist. If he would die there was none to lament for his death. But ultimately making everyone surprised he won over the seasoned wrestler. Rosalind gave him the chain from her neck in recognition of his success.

5 As you Like It’ is a romantic-comedy. Discuss.


Ans. Shakespeare is a master of comedy. His ‘As you like It’ is a master piece. It has a good opening. It maintains a smooth movement throughout the play. Finally, it has a happy ending. In this play there is a great warmth of humanity. Rosalind loves Orlando. The relationship between Rosalind and Celia is the main point of the play.

The duke Frederick and Oliver repent for their misdeeds. The duke Frederick returns the dukedom to his elder brother. In this way, he finally does a noble task. So ‘As you like it’ gives us a romantic sense of life. Hence it is a romantic-comedy.

Analyse the significance of the title of ‘As you like it’.

Ans. Shakespeare chooses the title for his plays very aptly. His ‘As you like It’ is not an exception. It is a clean blend of wit, humour, romance and fantasy. Here the characters choose the course of actions according to their wishes. The banished duke goes to the forest of Arden and lives there. Rosalind loves Orlando.

Celia accompanies Rosalind and goes to look for the banished duke. They take disguise. At the end, the senior duke gets back his dukedom. Orlando gets Rosalind. Celia gets Oliver. The duke gets peace in mind. So the title of this play ‘As you like it’ seems to be just and appropriate.


7 Describe the wrestling match between Charles and Orlando.


Ans. The wrestling match was held in the court. Many were present to see the match. Celia wished that Orlando would not get hurt. But Rosalind felt his condition. She compared her fate with that of Orlando. Rosalind incidentally fell in love with him.

The sweet words of Rosalind and Celia gave a new inspiration to Orlando. Then he defeated Charles. Charles could not speak and move. Orlando won the match. Everyone was very pleased with him. Two ladies were very happy. As Rosalind was overwhelmed, she gave him her own chain as a token of love.


Describe the character of Rosalind. 


Ans. Rosalind was the daughter of the banished duke. She was very good friend of Celia, the daughter of the present duke. So she was allowed to live with Celia in the palace. She had a soft heart. She loved Orlando. She was very humble and kind. So, she was loved by all. She went to the forest of Arden to look for her father.

Celia was also with her. She was very intelligent. She took the disguise of Ganymede. She convinced Orlando to meet her everyday. She was obedient to her father. When she went to marry Orlando, she took a permission from her father. Thus, Rosalind was an intelligent, honest and lovable woman.


9 Describe the character of Orlando.


Ans. Orlando is the protagonist of ‘As you like it’. When his father sir Rowland de Boys passed away, he asked his elder son Oliver to look after Orlando. But he neglected his duty. Still Orlando grew up and became a good human being. His sad story made Rosalind sympathetic to him.

Orlando was very energetic and enthusiastic. He defeated Charles in the wrestling match. He had a noble-heart. Though Oliver, his elder brother planned to kill him, he fought with a lioness and had an injury only to save Oliver. His love for Rosalind was real and selfless. So, the character of Orlando is a good mixture of modesty, nobility and selflessness.

10 Comment on the relationship between Rosalind and Celia.


Ans. The relationship between Rosalind and Celia is dramatically important. It is the relationship that sets the playi never in motion. The disagreement between their fathers affected their relationship. When the banished duke went to the forest of Arden, Celia took care of Rosalind. She never neglected her friend. Celia was a very good friend and Rosalind also. Celia went to look for the banished duke with Rosalind. In the forest Celia always stood by Rosalind.

Even when Celia’s father returned everything to the senior duke, she never felt sad. On the other hand, Rosalind also supported Celia. In this way, they enjoyed a good friendship throughout the play.


11 Make a comparison between the court life and the forest life.


Ans. In this play ‘As You Like It’, there is a comparison between the court life and the forest life. The banished duke has taken a shelter in the forest. He lives a calm and peaceful life. It is a happy episode of the senior duke’s life. Here life is free from tension. Nature gives him mental peace.

The deer’s play pleases his eyes. The senior duke says that the councillors in the court flatter and bite sharply unkindly. But Nature is a true counsillor to him because it makes him feel clearly what he actually is. Forest life is thus free from human-complexities.

 12 What made Rosalind and Celia opt for a life of hardship in a forest leaving aside their palace life?

Ans. Rosalind for her humble and polite behaviour was loved by all. The duke Frederick got angry with her for her popularity. He ordered her to go to her father.

So, she decided to go to the forest of Arden. Celia tried to change her father’s decision. But she was unsuccessful. Celia accompanied her friend. She planned to go away at night. They took disguise. They dressed themselves as a country lass and a country tad. Rosalind took a new name Ganymede and Celia also had a name Aliena. Rosalind’s father and Orlando could not identify them. The unkind attitude of the duke Frederick compelled them to opt for this life of hardship.


13 Narrate in your word the experience of Rosalind and Celia when they reached the Forest of Arden.


Ans. Rosalind and Celia went to the Forest of Arden in disguise. Rosalind became Ganymede, a country lad and Celia became Aliena, a country lass. Just when they reached the forest, they faced many problems. They did not find any inn, food and good accommodation.

They were very tired and hungry. Then they met a country man. He took them to his master, a shepherd. He wanted to sell his house. They bought the house and kept the man as a servant. In this way, they made an adjustment with forest life and presented themselves as a shepherd and shepherdess.

14 Describe the character of Oliver.


Ans. Oliver was the elder son of Sir Rowland De Boys. He was the elder brother of Orlando. When their father passed away, he told Oliver to take care of his brother Orlando. But he neglected his duty. He never took care of his brother. On the contrary, he planned to kill his brother Orlando because his brother Orlando won a wrestling match.

He was praised by all. So, Oliver was jealous of his brother. But as ‘As you like it’, is a romantic-comedy, every character is presented in a positive way. At last Oliver repented for his misdeeds. He fell in love with Celia and married her.


15 Write about the role played by Adam.


Ans. Adam was an old servant of Sir Rowland de Boys. He loved his master very much. He liked Orlando because like his father Orlando was a noble man. When Orlando won a wrestling match, Oliver’s jealousy knew no bound. He planned to kill his brother. Adam came to know about the matter. He told Orlando everything and advised him to go away.

He also gave Orlando his gold coins amounting five hundred crowns. He also went with him. Thus Orlando was saved. So Adam was a loyal servant to his master. Orlando told about him that he was like a servant of ancient times when men worked not for remuneration.



16 What did Orlando do for Adam dying from hunger and tiredness?


Ans. When Orlando and Adam went to the forest of Arden, they found nothing to eat. They needed rest. Adam was too tired to go further. Then Orlando took him under a tree for rest. He went out to look for food. Incidentally he found the senior duke and his followers. They took, their dinner.

He drew his sword to snatch their food. He told them not to take a piece of food. The duke asked him why he was behaving so rudely. Orlando told him the reason. Then the duke told him to take Adam and asked them to take food with there. They ate until they were satisfied. Then Adam was saved.


Describe the character of the senior duke.


Ans. The senior duke went to the forest of Arden. He had been banished by his brother Frederick. He liked the calm and peaceful life of the forest. He was followed by a large number of courtiers who loved and admired him. He never cried for his loss. He enjoyed the peaceful time in the forest.

He preferred the chilling wind that told about his real condition. He felt uneasy and upset when he was flattered. He invited Orlando and Adam to take food though Orlando behaved rudely. He accepted Rosalind’s marriage. He forgave his brother. He expressed his gratitude to his followers who accompanied him during his painful days.


18 Write a short note on Duke Frederick’s role in this play.


Ans. The duke Frederick plays an important role in the play “As you like It”. It is the duke Frederick without whom the movement of the play is impossible. He banished his elder brother from his dukedom. His lust for power initiates the action in play. He does not like any person who likes the senior duke. He is jealous of the senior duke. He behaves positively with Orlando.

But when he knows that Orlando is the son of Sir Rowland De Boys who is a friend of the senior duke, he becomes angry. He dislikes Rosalind when she is praised by all. He then asks her to go to the forest of Arden. His daughter Celia dislikes her father. But there is another side of his character. After meeting a hermit his character gets a sea-change. He gives his all to the senior duke and lives like a saint.


19 Describe the character of Celia. 

Ans. Celia is an important character of Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’. She is a contrast to her father. She is loving and sympathetic. She supports her cousin and friend Rosalind. In this way she stands against her father. She feels Rosalind’s pain. When Rosalind is asked to go to the forest of Arden, she accompanies her. She takes a disguise for safety. Clearly she is intelligent.

She falls in love with Oliver. Finally her father Frederick gives his everything to the senior duke. She never gets jealous of Rosalind. On the contrary she congratulates her. She is selfless.




20 Do you think Rosalind is superior to Orlando in character?


Ans. Rosalind belongs to an aristocratic family. But she is never proud of her blue-blood. She is very simple in thoughts and words. She is a very good friend and daughter. She is intelligent and wise. She is a true lover. On the other hand, Orlando is also very good. He is brave and strong. He is honest.

He saves Oliver. He is very responsible to Adam who is very loyal to him. He saves his brother Oliver who planned to kill him. He is very virtuous. But Rosalind is superior to Orlando. She is very wise in deeds and words. So the importance of Rosalind makes Orlando pale beside her.


21 .When was Duke Frederick repentant for his misdeeds? 


Ans. The duke Frederick was a greedy and selfish man. He banished his elder brother from his dukedom. He snatched his brother’s everything. The senior duke lived a very peaceful life in the Forest of Arden. His happiness grew more when his daughter Rosalind came to him. The duke Frederick was very jealous of his brother.

So, he planned to kill the senior duke. He went to the Forest of Arden with an army. The duke Frederick met a religious man. He put a religious wisdom into Frederick’s character. Then his character got a new turn. He became repentant. As a result, he gave his all to the senior duke.


22 .Write a short note on Ganymede and Aliena.


Ans. When Rosalind and Celia decided to go to the Forest of Arden, they took a disguise for their safety. Rosalind dressed herself as a country boy named Ganymede and Celia as a country girl named Aliena. Their disguise is dramatically important. It is their disguise through which the motion of the play is accelerated.

Their disguise is an example of their wisdom and intelligence. Ganymede finds a true lover in Orlando. The play then moves towards a happy ending. Aliena takes an active part when she falls in love with Oliver. The disguise gives the audience a comic relief and much fun.

23 .Describe the meeting between Orlando and Oliver in the forest.


Ans. On a fine morning Orlando was passing through the wood. Suddenly he noticed a man sleeping the ground and a snake was about to attack him. As he moved towards the man, the snake went away. Then Orlando saw a lioness. It looked for its prey. He took his sword and fought against the lioness.

He was wounded. Oliver woke up. He came into sense. He found his brother Orlando fighting to save his life. He was spellbound and filled with remorse. He cried and cried. He begged an apology. Orlando readily forgave him. Oliver was pleased. They cordially embraced each other.


24 .What news did Oliver give Orlando after returning from Ganymede’s cottage?


Ans. Oliver went to Ganymede because he was told to inform him about Orlando’s injury. He told how Orlando saved his life by fighting a lioness. Orlando risked his life. He was very much wounded. Having heard this news Ganymede got upset and fainted. In the meantime, Aliena and Oliver fell in love with each other.

He wanted to marry her. When he came back to Orlando, he told about his feeling for Aliena and what happened with Ganymede after hearing his injury. He also told he decided to stay in the forest for ever. So he liked to marry Aliena, a shepherdess. He told Orlando to take his property.


What role does the Forest of Arden play in Shakespeare’s play ‘As you like it’?


Ans. The Forest of Arden is not a setting only but a of the theme also. It plays an important role in the of the play. Except the wrestling match, all movement actions of the play take place in the forest. important So the forest is the stage where many dramatic actions occur. For example, the senior duke lives in the forest with his followers. His daughter Rosalind and Celia to the forest.

They meet the duke. Rosalind meets Orlando in the forest. Celia meets Oliver and falls in love with him. The marriage between Rosalind and Orlando takes place here. Celia marries Oliver in the forest. The play goes to its climax when Celia and Rosalind put off their disguises. The duke Frederick comes here and gives his all to the senior duke. So the forest is a character in itself. 


26 Comment on how Rosalind copes with being a man and woman at the same time.


Ans. Rosalind makes a very good balance when she plays both as a man and as a woman at the same time. When she goes to the forest of Arden, she takes a disguise of a country led named Ganymede. Outwardly she behaves like a man. He is a protector of Aliena. But when she finds her name on trees and love-poems written on her she finds then Orlando and gets excited.

Intelligently she tried to find out whether Orlando loves her really or not. She often tries to suppress her womanly conduct. But she sometimes fails. When she hears of Orlando’s injury, she faints. Sometimes she behaves so rudely that none can find out her. She is able to hide herself from all.




27… Put on your best and your friends to your wedding… Who said this? Why did the speaker say this? [1 + 4 = 5]



Ans. Ganymede said this to Orlando.

When Ganymede came to see Orlando, he was wounded. Orlando told him that Oliver had gone to Aliena to ask her hand in marriage. If Aliena agreed they would marry in the next day. Then he told that in the same way he also wanted to marry Rosalind. Ganymede was really very happy. Ganymade told him that if he wished so he would bring her by a magical power. At this occasion, Ganymede said those words to Orlando. Orlando could not believe what he was listening then.



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As you Like It Questions and Answers As you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and AnswersAs you Like It Questions and Answers

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