The parts of Speech mentioned below will be best for students for their better understanding as it is written in a simple way.


  1. Noun:– A noun is a word which denotes only the name of a person, place, or thing.


 Examples: Rahul(person), Murshidabad (place) , Pen (thing) etc.


  1. Pronoun: – A pronoun is a word which is generally used in place of a noun. eg. He, She, I., etc.


Samiran(noun) is a boy. He (pronoun)  goes to school.


  1. Adjective:- An Adjective is a word which is generally used to qualify a noun or a pronoun.


 It definately tells the quality of noun or pronoun. 

Examples:  good, fast, beautiful, etc.

He is a  good boy.

Lazy students fail in the exam.


  1. Verb:- Verb is a word that generally denotes some action done by doer.


    Examples: Play, hit, come. etc.

He plays cricket.


5 Adverb:- An adverb is a word which is obviously used to  qualify a Verb.


 Examples: Carefully, attentively.


Tina goes slowly.


  1. Preposition:-Preposition is a word which clearly indicates the position of a  noun.

Examples: in, on, at, over, under, etc.


The diary is on the table.


7.Conjunction:– conjunction is a word which is naturally used to join one word to another word or one sentence to another sentence.


 Examples:1. Do or die.

2.My sister is talkative but she is very good at heart.

  1. Her father is honest although he is poor.
  2. He could not attend my birthday party because his mood was off.

5 .Kamal is rich yet he is miser.


8.Interjection:– An interjection a word or words whice is/are used to express some sudden feeling or emotion. Examples: oh! alas! fie! etc.


Good gracious! what a big snake it is.

what a beautiful heart you have!

Fie! you are a coward.


******I hope you have learnt it very well after going through all the parts of speech.

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