Change the voice of the following sentences:

  1. At last she has told me the truth.
  2. The fire at the Hogg Market was put out by the fire brigade.
  3. Purandar and Snehasmita might have studied their lessons.
  4. I expected that boss would take up the matter.
  5. It is hoped that her mistake will be realized soon.
  6. A factory will be set by the government to supply bicycles to the students.
  7. An interesting story was being told by Tarini’s Uncle.
  8. Let these documents be signed.
  9. Latika was given your message by Piyali.
  10. The man brought a big parcel yesterday.
  11. Then the waiter brought us a postcard-like menu card.
  12. Sumit is offering me another chance.
  13. Every employee must obey Company rules.
  14. The Romans hoped that they would conquer Carthage easily.
  15. Cut your nails every week.
  16. Please do not mistake Tapas.
  17. The Government has sent a message to the local clubs.
  18. The pro-kabaddi match between Bengal and Chennai is being watched by me.
  19. His proposal was agreed to by us.
  20. Soma sang a nice song.
  21. Khagenbabu slept a sound sleep.
  22. Send for the doctor.
  23. The cows are  milking.
  24. The books are  printing.
  25. The drums are  beating.
  26. Honey tastes sweet.
  27. Sugar costs forty rupees a kilogram when it is sold.
  28. Take care of your health.
  29. Do not waste time.
  30. Wash the clothes.
  31. Make a cup of tea for us.
  32. Tell Debashis to come here tomorrow.
  33. Please enter by this gate showing your gate-pass.
  34. Everybody should do physical exercise regularly.
  35. You might use my washroom.
  36. Sourav may lead the BCCI very soon.
  37. Rahul must know the news.
  38. Manisha and Subhas. will do the sums.


  1. Shraboni will buy a kite.
  2. Oranges were being sucked by children.
  3. The farmer was ploughing the land from morning to evening.
  4. The pickpocket had stolen the mobile handset of the passenger before he realized it.
  5. Virat declared the end of the innings after Rahane had scored his ton.
  6. Indra  has called me.
  7. Rafique has scored a goal in the final match.
  8. People are beating  the convict mercilessly.
  9. Claude is flying a kite.
  10. Sudarshan has obtained good marks in the test exam.
  11. Ananya dreamt a beautiful dream.
  12. Give him a glass of water first.

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