The Free Radio questions and answers

The Free Radio questions and answers




1.Who were the cronies that the narrator knew?

The cronies were some bad buddies of Ramani, who wore the eintunds of the new Youth Movement. These friends were not peaceful xions as they indulge in illegal alcohol intake and always used to fatter Ramani.


2.What do they flatter Ramani about?


They made him do and even believe in things, which, in a traditional environment, he would never believe. They gave the idea of vasectomy and flatters him for his looks telling him, “compared to You Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh are like lepers only, you should go to Bombay and be put in the motion pictures”.


3. Why is the narrator so much concerned for Ramani?


The narrator is so much concerned towards Ramani because he used to know Ramani’s deceased parents and also knew how they tried to provide for him a better life. “That boy could have had a good life. God had blessed him with God’s own looks, and his father had gone to the grave for him, but didn’t he leave the boy a brand-new first-class cycle rickshaw with plastic covered seats and all?” says the teacher sahib when he cares for the stupid fellow.


4. What is ‘nasbandi’?


The term “nasbandi” or ‘vasectomy’ was a surgical process of cutting of the ‘vas deferens’ inside the body of a man. It is a process of male sterilization where the sperm is prevented from entering into the urethra, thereby preventing fertilization of a female through sexual intercourse.


5. Why do you think Ramani underwent the process of “nasbandi”?


Ramani is made to believe that with “nas bandi” he not only makes the thief’s widow happy, gets to marry her, but also serves the purpose in national interest and on top these, he gets a free radio in return. It makes the stupid Ramani so excited as if it will get the whole world to him.



6.What do you know about the source of the story ‘The Free Radio”?


Rushdie’s short story ‘The Free Radio’ is taken from East, West, which is an anthology of nine short stories, first published in 1994. It has three stories each in three sections “East”, “West”, and “East, West”. It is a volume abound of Eastern and Western commingling issues which, in keeping with Rushdie’s lifetime discourse, manage to close the gap between Eastern and Western mindsets.


7.Name some notable works of Rushdie.


Rushdie is the author of novels like Midnight’s Children, Shame, The Satanic Verses, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, and many more. His collection of short stories The Jaguar Smile, Imaginary Homelands, etc., and Mirrorwork, an anthology of contemporary Indian writing, have brought him much name and fame.


8. Which text has brought Rushdie the Booker of Bookers?


A Fellow of the British Royal Society of Literature, Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children has won him the Booker Prize of 1981 as well as the Booker of Bookers in 1993, and the Best of the Bookers in 2008, too.


9. Why the narrator does regret for an innocent boy in the beginning of the story? Who is that boy?


The story starts with the unknown narrator’s regret for an innocent boy, Ramani, who had been allured by a thief’s widow with five children and whose father had gone down to the grave in securing a better future for him.


10. How many children do the thief’s widow had?


The thief’s widow was left with five hungry, mouthful, poverty stricken children and in order to support them, the widow chose to re-engage in a relationship by marrying Ramani.


11. We all knew nothing good would happen to him while the thief’s widow had her claws dug into his flesh -Who’. the speaker? About whom is this said?


Or, but the boy was an innocent, a real donkey’s child, you can’t teach such people. -Who is the speaker? About whom is this said?


Ans. The speaker is the narrator of the story, “The Free Radio” by Salman Rushdie.


It is said about Ramani, the male protagonist and a rickshaw -puller in the story.


13. That boy could have had a good life. – Who is the speaker? About whom is this said? What does the speaker say in support of this comment?


Ans. The speaker is the narrator of the story, “The Free Radio” by Salman Rushdie. It iis said about Ramani, the male protagonist and a rickshaw -puller in the story.


His father had left the boy a brand-new first-class cycle rickshaw with plastic covered seats and all. So he had his own trade, there would have been a good wife in time, he should just have taken out some years to save some rupees; but,the narrator comments, he must fall for a thief’s widow before the hairs had time to come out on his chin, before his milk-teeth had split, one might say.


14. What introduction to the ‘Thief’s Widow’ is given by the narrator in the story “The Free Radio”


Ans. The narrator of the story says that the widow was certainly attractive in a sort of hard vicious way she was all right, but it is her mentality that was rotten. She was ten years older than Ramani; she had five children alive and two dead. The thief had left her not one new paisa, so of course she would be interested in Ramani. The narrator comments that not many people will look twice at the widow of a good-for nothing.Some Gems of Indian Writing In English




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The Free Radio questions and answers The Free Radio questions and answers  The Free Radio questions and answers




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