Conversation between the parent and the tutor:

SPOKEN ENGLISH CONVERSATION::Mr. Raj(Father): Hello I am Anal’s father. How is Anal doing in Math, teacher?


Tutor: He is performing pretty well. You should not worry.

Mr. Raj: Please try to make him work hard for math and give him a lot of homework. Please Don’t let him play and more. I sometimes see him playing cricket with friends.

Tutor: Sir, to be honest with you, playing also plays an important role to develop the brain.


Mr. Raj: Actually, I want to see him on the merit list this year. That is why I said so.

Tutor: I did not let him play more than two hours a day. Did he request you to bring a practice set?

Mr. Raj: No, He didn’t tell me to bring that.

Tutor: Sir, please don’t mind. He might forget to tell you. You know very well that human being makes mistakes.

Mr. Raj: it’s alright.


Tutor: I want him  get more than 90 % marks in Maths too. So I told him not to play online games at all.

Mr. Raj: His mother was very much anxious about this.


Tutor: It’s a matter of concern. Anyhow, playing the online game should be stopped immediately.

Mr. Raj: Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions I will try to keep him aside from the phone.


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