Intro :

Hi, this is Brojen Das , an assistant teacher of  high School. I have the teaching experience of 13 years and I have got the reputation of making so many brilliant students but initially they were really dull . Besides,  I have got another reputation of making the dull students into brilliant ones if they are serious and ready to work hard. Because without working hard finally you are going to get nothing. If you are ready to work hard with me   then you are going to get more than what you can expect in your dream or imagination.

Purposes :

First of all, I would like to thank to all of you as you have made this website (www.brojendasenglish.com) famous and popular all over the India. As you have given me a lot, now it’s my turn and my duty as well as my responsibility to give you something nice for your career . I have noticed that specially in English honours,  students have to pay a huge amount of tuition fees to their private tutors. Besides students do not get study materials in proper time. They get the study materials before one month of the examination.

I personally do feel that that is the time when the students should  revise all those notes or study materials rather than memorize new ones . That is why,  I have decided to provide all the study materials related to semester 1, semester 2, semester 3, semester 4, semester 5, and semester 6 for English honours so that they can get all the notes beforehand and make their preparations well for their career.

Facilities :

So, students will find notes in this website as well as on my YouTube channel “Brojen Das English”. Therefore keep visiting in this website as well as on my YouTube channel. I have a request to all of you please go to my YouTube channel (BROJEN DAS ENGLISH) and subscribe it because I need your support a lot to grow this channel and to do the best for what I am known for.

On my YouTube channel, the students can get line by line explanation of the texts of their syllabus for class VIII, IX, X, XI, XII and English honours (All semisters) . The explanation is only for West Bengal students as it is English to Bengali. But students from different states of India will find their notes in my website as well as on YouTube channel as all the notes are in English language.

Future Plan :

Very soon I am going to upload videos related to English grammar classes that will be in English to Bengali and English to English. English to Bengali will be for the students of West Bengal as well as Bangladesh. And English to English will be for each and everyone whatever country they belong to. But one thing I want to make  clear if you are very much serious about it and if you can give time and if you can work hard then no one in the world can stop you from learning English grammar. That’s my challenge,  my duty,  my responsibility,  my guarantee,  my assurance and my promise to all of you.

Spoken English :

I have an another plan that is spoken English .I would like to  give some spoken classes so that those who are very much interested in learning spoken English after watching my videos they can learn from basic spoken English to higher/advanced levels. If you are very much interested for learning spoken English and you have a lot of thrust for spoken English then keep watching my videos it’s my promise,  responsibility and duty,  my guarantee  once again that “you must learn because I am not saying this,  my experience over 13 years of teaching spoken English as well as grammar says this”.   So, are you ready?




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