Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage Pdf Download Questions and Answers

Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage Pdf Download Questions and Answers

Childe harold’s pilgrimage Marks 2

1. From what work of Byron, the present poem “Rollon, thou Deep….” is extracted.



The stanzas of the present poem are extracted from the fourth Canto of Byron’s i celebrated poem ‘Childe’ Harold’s Pilgrimage! Of course, these are the concluding lines of the said Canto.



2. What is the sense of Child’s Horold’s Pilgrimage?



In the archaic sense childe’ means the youth of a noble or high birth.Byron here means himself by the term Childe Harold. Pilgrimage refers to the visit to different holy lands. Byron here speaks of his visit to and experience of different European lands and places, no doubt of historical eminence.



3. Of what is constituted the theme of the stanzas?



The stanzas here extol the ocean – the deep and dark blue ocean. This rolls on continuously and mightily and eares for no human pomp and power no human arms and armaments. The poet’s profound a doration of the immense poetency of the ocean constitutes the theme of the stanzas extracted from the poem.



4. How does Byron start?



Byron starts with an apostrophe to the ocean that he addresses as deep and dark blue. He extols its enormous poetency to roll on continuously and bids halt to no human power, pomp or pride.



5. “…….. stops with the shore” -What does stop and why?



Man’s acts of power and vanity are exhibited on different lands. But these have no power to rush to and threaten the ocean. All human shows of pomp, splendour and power come to an end on the shore of the ocean.



6. How does the ocean negate and put to sat an all human acts of destruction?



The occan scorns and turns to naught man’s destructive feats and the acts of spoil. This makes him a poor plaything to be dealt with in any way it likes and may even clash him to his awful doom.



7. What is meant by the oak Leviathans?



The leviathan, as mentioned in the old Testament, is supposed to be a huge, sea-monster possibly the ‘whale’. The oak leriathan stands for the big battle ship, made of the wood of the oak tree.



8. My task in done – Whose task is done? What is the task?



The poet’s task is done. He actually means here the completion of his great literay project Child Harold’s Pilgrimage.



9. How does Byron end his poem?



Byron ends his long poem in an exalted strain. He bids farewell to is readers and expresses his gratitude and obligation to them. If his work has plaeased and satisfied them, his pain will be considered by him worth-taking, amply-rewarded.



Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage Pdf Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage Pdf  Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage Pdf

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