1.Who had a quarrel with the squirrel?

Answer:- The boastful mountain had a quarrel with practical the squirrel.


2.What is not a disgrace to the squirrel?

Answer:- Occupying his place on this earth is not a disgrace to the squirrel.


3.What is it that the squirrel does not deny?

Answer:- The honest squirrel does not deny that the mountain makes a pretty squirrel track for it.


4.Who puts all well and wisely?

Answer:- The almighty God puts all well and wisely so that everyone should be satisfied with the talents they have.


5.What did the mountain call the squirrel?

Answer: The mountain ironically called the squirrel a ‘little prig’.


6.How does the mountain make fun of the squirrel?

Answer:- The mountain makes fun of the squirrel by addressing him as a  ‘ little prig’.


7.What did the squirrel think about occupying its place?

Answer:- It was not a matter of disgrace to the squirrel to occupy his own space even though it is small.


8.How, according to Bun, can a year be made up?

Answer:- A year can be made up when all the weathers( Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring) are taken in together.


9.Who makes a track for the squirrel?

Answer:- Here, The boastful but benevolent mountain makes a pretty track for the squirrel.



10.Name the poem and the poet?

Answer:- The name of the poet is ‘Fable‘ and the poet is Ralph Waldo Emerson.


11.Who cannot carry forests? Who cannot crack a nut?

Answer:-Being so small,  the squirrel can not carry forests.


The boastful mountain can not crack a nut even though he is mammoth.


12.Mention two qualities of the mountain.

Answer:- The two qualities of Mountain are —The mountain can make a very pretty track for the Squirrel. Besides,  it can carry huge forests on its back.


13.What, according to the squirrel, can be said about the mountain doubtlessly?

Answer:- The honest Squirrel confessed that the mountain is undoubtedly very big. It can carry huge forests on its back. It also makes pretty track for the Squirrel.


14.What point does the squirrel make to the mountain?

Answer:- If the bigness of the mountain is a matter of boastfulness then the squirrel can also be proud of being small. The big mountain can not do the things which the small squirrel can do easily.


15.What are the limitations that a mountain has?

Answer:- The mountain is not as small as energetic as the squirrel is. It cannot also crack a nut like him.


16.What is the ultimate moral established by the poem ‘Fable’?

Answer:- The moral of the poem ‘Fable’ is that no one on this earth is more or less important than others whether big or small. Besides, everyone has his or her own individual talent, bestowed by God.






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