Clouds by Intizar Hussain Questions answers

Clouds by Intizar Hussain Questions answers


1.What is the name of the original story from which ‘Clouds’ is taken?
– ‘Clouds’ is taken from Intizar Hussain’s Urdu short story ‘Badal’.

2.”But no one could give him a satisfactory answer” – Why do you think no one could give it a satisfactory answer ?
– No one could give him a satisfactory answer because it was the most peculiar question to all of them and so they could not understand what the boy was asking for.

3.When did the boy wake up at night ?
-The boy woke up in the middle of the night.

4. Why was the boy amazed when he got up in the morning ?
– Seeing the clouds the previous night and not finding them in the morning, without even a drop of rain amazed the boy.

5.Where did the boy wander in search of the clouds ?
– He wandered far away down the winding paths and alleys in search of the clouds.

6.Whom did he meet first turning on to the dirt track?
– Turning on to the dirt track, the boy first met a grass-cutter who was coming from the other direction, carrying freshly cut grass on his head.

7.How was the boy asking after the cloud ?
– The boy was asking after the clouds like a man who has lost his child asks the wayfarers if they had seen a child wandering.

8.What did the boy’s mother say hearing her son’s question?
-The boy’s mother asked him if he had lost his mind.

9.What had the boy seen at night before he went to sleep?
– The boy had seen that clouds had been gathering in the dark sky.

10.Which question haunted the boy ?
– The question that haunted the boy was where the clouds had gone.

11.What did the boy see in the middle of the night ?
– He saw that the clouds were rumbling in the sky. The clouds were dense and black and occasionally there were flashes of lightning, It seemed as if it will be raining.

12. How did he feel as he walked between the fields ?
– The boy felt extremely hot as if his body was on fire and his throat was dry.

13.What did he do after reaching the shelter of the tree?
– He splashed the cool water from the Persian wheel on his dusty feet and washed his hand and face and drank to his satisfaction.

14.How was the climatic condition in the morning?
-In the morning the sky was clear and empty without any trace of clouds of the previous night.

15.What saddened the boy ?
– The thought that, the clouds escaped without raining, since he had fallen asleep, saddened the boy.

16.What had the boy thought when he found the clouds had disappeared ?
-He thought, had he stayed awake, perhaps the clouds would not have disappeared.

17.‘ ‘He looked up once again …’- What did he see?
-When he looked up, he did not find a single patch of cloud. The sky was clear and the sun was shining brightly.

18.What did the boy see after crossing several fields?
-The boy saw a large tree in whose shade was a Persian wheel that turned gently.

19.Describe the reaction of the boy after seeing the Persian wheel. -Seeing the Persian wheel, the boy felt as if he had reached an oasis in the middle of a desert.

20.What seemed to the boy like an oasis ?
-While crossing by several fields in search of rain, the boy’s body got hearted and his throat went dry. He desperately needed some water to drink . Just at the moment he saw a persian wheel under the shade of a tree . This seemed to him like an oasis.
21.What did the old man say about the place where he once lived ?
-The old man said that he once lived in a place where it had not rained for ten years.

22.How did the boy feel after reaching the mud-hut ?
-He felt a nip in the air and the earth was damp under his foot.

23. What did the boy do standing under the jamun tree ?
– He stood beneath the jamun tree and let raindrops fall on his head and face.

24. Why did the clouds shed rain in the absence of the boy?
– It was as if the clouds were playing hide and seek with the boy. He kept searching for the clouds but never found it. As a natural phenomenon, rain did shed but unfortunately it was in his absence.
25.Why was the boy open-mouthed before the old man?
-The boy heard an unbelievable tale that the old man had lived in a place where it had not rained for ten years. That is why the boy was open mouthed before the old man.

26.What did the boy see when he arrived home?
-He saw that the rain had changed everything. The jamun tree stood clean, scrubbed and freshly showered.

27. How did the jamun tree look after the fresh shower?
– The jamun tree looked clean and scrubbed, after the fresh shower.

1.Running in a zigzag way:

2.Narrow paths between houses, bushes etc:


4.Tilling the soil :

5.Could not understand the meaning:

6.Making a deep, heavy and continuous sound:

7.Covered in layers of dust : -Draped.

8.Wanting to say something but being in two minds:

9. An area in a desert with water and shade of trees :

10. To one’s full satisfaction :
– Fill.

11. Hovered in mind :

12. A free space in front of the house :



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Clouds by Intizar Hussain

Class viii Clouds by Intizar Hussain Questions

Clouds by Intizar Hussain Questions Answers


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